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Blankets, Blankets and More Blankets for Babies

by Cathy,

Here are some baby blankets I did with the Zoo designs. They were given to the Garth House here in Beaumont, who works with abused children. They tape the interview so that the child doesn’t have to repeat the story over again. They also work with young girls who have babies to teach them the proper way to care for the babies.

They are so much fun to stitch out, and the people at the Garth House love them. Thanks to all who produce such great designs.

You can see the Zoo Set by clicking here.



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4 Responses to Blankets, Blankets and More Blankets for Babies

  1. Kelley Potter says:

    How adorable! And thoughtful too!!!

  2. Barb says:

    What a lovely idea! What size are your blankets and what type of fabric did you use? I would love to make a few of these
    as gifts to a home for young mothers in our state.

  3. Merle Henery says:

    This is beautiful good idea

  4. Eleanor says:

    … a fun idea … I plan to embroider some to sell at our craft sale.

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