DBS Threads Top the Day!

by Joan

Hi Rob, I told you I would send you a picture of the quilt I embroidered when I bought 20 spools of #843 thread. I didn’t need that many but it never hurts to have extra.
The quilt is a queen size and the color is a tone on tone. The quilt and pillow are made from crepe backed satin.
The DesignsBySick Polyester thread has such a satin look and finish to it that it was a beautiful match for my quilt. I love using your thread,  it is just so smooth running in my machine.

NOTE:  All Designs By SiCK Threads are ON SALE (50% OFF!!!) until Monday night (12/12/2011)!

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9 Responses to DBS Threads Top the Day!

  1. Linda King says:

    Very Nice, you did a great job!!

  2. Oh my goodness this quilt took my breath away! How beautiful!

  3. Wendy Mansfield says:


  4. Kelley Potter says:

    Gorgeous! Excellent job!

  5. Oh how beautifullllllllllll. I know that you put alot of work into that…Especially with slippery material. Hats off to you gal..

  6. deana says:

    That turned out absolutly stunning.

  7. Kathy Schmidt says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I love doing tone on tone, gives such an elegant look

  8. Cherrylmaree says:


  9. Joyce says:

    I, too, like Rob’s thread. It runs through my machine with no problems and has a beautiful lustre..
    I had gotten a bad batch of thread elsewhere which had knots in it. Had to take my machine into the shop since I wasn’t near the machine when it caught and it pulled the needle head out of alignment so badly that I had to have a new part.
    Lucky for me, my dealer put it through as warranty.
    Could have been very costly.
    I learned my lesson on buying cheap thread.

    [editor’s note: It would be Designs By SiCK thread…not Rob’s! 🙂

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