Double the Fun!!!

by JoAnn

This was the most fun I have had with a short project in a long time. I found the idea of a Halloween mat online. They used a dye cut figure in the corner.  I do not have die cuts, but I do love any excuse to embroider. So I got started on the idea of a Halloween mat.

They did not back their mats, but I wanted to try a quilted mat, but what would I do for the back?  I did not have enough Halloween material for both sides, so I thought why not make the backside work for Thanksgiving?  Or maybe I saw a similar idea while surfing online.  Any way I get to do more embroidering!

First I cut out my mat pieces and batting at 19″x13″.

2 sided mat 1

2 sided mat 2

Next, I decided to put the images in the bottom right-hand corner.  I measured the spot where my center would be.  It is actually moved an inch and a half lower than the center mark on the hoop.

2 sided mat 3

I used the images from Autumn Leaves, Fall Colors, Funky Pumpkins, Pumpkin Patch 9, and Ghost Pocket Topper. Then embroider images!

2 sided mat 4

Then I put my material together with the batting sandwiched in the middle and safety pinned the pieces together.  I found this cd square to be the right size for my mat.  I placed it over my ’embroidered  image’  and then over where the embroidered imaged is on the back.  I made a third square above.  All the spaces in between are two inches apart.  I filled in the rest of the pattern

2 sided mat 5

2 sided mat 6

Start machine quilting in one corner and work to the other corner.  Make sure you are smooth and tight the whole time.  Once you have quilted, bind it and enjoy!

2 sided mat 7

This was so enjoyable and fun I think I have just enough material for a couple of pot holders!
Then maybe how about Christmas and Winter Fun place mats or Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day?
Oh the possibilities!

You can find some of the design sets here:
Fall Colors :
Funky Pumpkins:
Ghost Pocket Topper:





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  1. Regina Cooper says:

    What a great idea! Thanks!

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