How to Make a Chevron Pocket T-shirt

by Judy

Have you seen these cute chevron fabric pockets on RTW t-shirts?
Did you wonder how to make them?
I am seeing  them everywhere..
They are super simple and  cute to make.

All you need for this project is:
T-shirt [buy you a new one or recycle one of your old ones]
Small piece of chevron fabric—for making pocket
Matching embroidery thread


You can choose to embroider your initials  on the pocket .
Designs by Sick has lots of different fonts to choose from.
Or you could use some of their mini designs to add to the pockets. This would be cute too.

Step1- Make you a paper pattern of the pocket you want..
You may choose a square pocket, a round pocket, or a  pointed pocket.
[note—you could  recycle an old pocket from a discarded shirt, to use as your pattern].

When making your pattern, be sure to remember to  add 1 inch to each side and bottom, and add 1  1/2 inches to the top.
[This is the amount you will turn under later].. on  this child’s  t-shirt , I chose to make a
square pocket. The finished pocket is  4 in x  4 1/2 in tall.

Step 2- Hoop your chevron fabric.

Step 3-  Lay your pattern on top of hooped fabric [to see where you want your initials.]

Then remove pattern.

Step 4- Embroider your pocket.


Take out of hoop.

Step 5-  Lay your pattern on top of embroidered fabric [being sure to center design].
Pin it down.
Cut it out.
You can either serge around your pocket or  I  used pinking shears.
Turn down the top 1/2 in ,iron flat.
Turn another  1 1/2 in, iron flat.




Step 6- Sew your pocket top on the bottom of the line you just ironed down.
Fold the sides and the bottom 1 in. Iron flat.  [ I took a needle and thread and
sewed long seams on the folded pocket ,just to hold it down.]

chevron pocket

Step 7-  Place pocket on t-shirt..
Lay your shirt on a flat surface, and place  pocket where you want it, making sure it is straight.
Pin pocket on all sides.
Sew around the sides and  bottom of pocket.
Leave top open.

You’re all finished! Your plain ole tee , just turned into a cute shirt!!!

100_5192 100_5193 100_5183

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7 Responses to How to Make a Chevron Pocket T-shirt

  1. Sharon Gerstman says:

    What kind of stabilizer did you use for the Chevron pocket?

  2. Julie Rathburn says:

    love that idea:)

  3. SewMagical says:

    Great idea, and a well done tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kelley P says:

    What a way to spruce up some well loved tee shirts!

  5. Judy says:

    Sharon, I used an iron in medium weight stabilizer..
    They were so fun and easy to make. thank you.

  6. Sheryl Andrews says:

    What alphabet did you use on your pocket, and where did you get it? I have been looking for that very alphabet for YEARS!! I used to have it on a commercial machine, but want it for my home machine. Thanks!

  7. Sheryl Andrews says:

    Still hoping to find out where to get that monogram- I have looked all through Designs By Sick and do not see it anywhere. If anyone knows where to buy it, please post!! Thanks!

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