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My Dirty Secret


I have a dirty secret, and I am going to share it with you.


Its this: I am ~not~ the worlds greatest housekeeper.

I will take my clean laundry and put it in a bag when it comes out of the dryer, and put it in the bedroom. I will also take my dirty laundry, put it in a bag, and put it you guessed it in the bedroom. After the umpteenth time of not being able to tell which bag was which, I thought theres got to be a better way!

I think I found it. Make tags for the laundry bags that say clean or dirty, similar to the magnets some folks use on their dishwashers. They are quick to make, too. I think they would make great gifts for students going away to college.

I will give you two different styles to make. At the end I will also give you some other design options.

Style One:

To start, pick 2 different styles of lettering. I wanted 2 distinctly different styles, to convey the sense of the words used, so I chose the Invitation Fontfor Clean usingwhite thread,
Spiky Fontfor Dirty, using gray thread.
(You can click on the Font Name and the page will open in a new tab)

Stitch each word out on your fabric, then cut out, leaving a couple of inches at each end.
Do be careful to cut each piece the same size, though.
You will also need a piece of hook-and-loop tape, to fit the height of the letters.
Sew the two pieces of fabric together, right sides together, around the edges, leaving an opening to turn the piece.

Turn right-side out, and stitch the opening closed. Place one half of the hook-and-loop tape on each end of the tag, at opposite ends. Laundry02
To use, wrap the tag around the string of your laundry bag, with the appropriate word showing. It is easy to see whether you need to wash the contents, or put them away!


Style Two

This version is even faster to make. It uses a plastic name tag holder, like what is often used at conferences. If you dont happen to have any lying around, they can be purchased at office supply stores and in stationery departments.

For this sample I used the Invitation font and the Electric Font (Stitch on font name to find it on DesignsBySiCK).
Stitch out your words. You can use just one piece of fabric and one hooping for this.

Fold the fabric in half, with the stitching on the outside. Try to have the words line up with each other. Stitch around the edge of the words, and trim with pinking shears. Slide the tag into the plastic holder. You will have to decide which is the front of the tag. I am considering the side of the holder with the scooped edge to be the front.



You can clip the holder to a laundry bag, or folding hamper.

Other design options:

I used two different lettering styles for each tag, and different color threads. You could use different color fabrics for each side. For young children who dont read yet, try using pictures. Use a flower for clean (I like the ones from the Tribal Flowers set. For the dirty tag, how about a monster?

Now, please pardon me while I go sort out my laundry!

Note from Rob - if you have a problem with stitching out words with your machine – email me: Rob@designsbysick.com and send me the fonts you want to use, the size you want it to be and I will put the letters together into one design to stitch out!
Subject of Email: Rob – Need Word Design




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One Response to My Dirty Secret

  1. Regina says:

    Lol! Too funny!

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