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Ramblings from Rob

· Sunday, August 26th, 2012

by Rob

Now that school is back in session – or almost back in session, mothers and grandmothers have the opportunity to do some stitching!
I thought I would take a moment and go over some ideas for stitching ideas.

First, there are school designs/ideas.[[#160]] We are happy to announce a brand new school set by Bonnie – just put online today! I can see these on backpacks, bookcovers – and so many other things.[[#160]] You can see all of the school designs here:[[#160]][[#160]] Don’t forget we also have a Pencil Case ( ) and a Pencil Alphabet here:[[#160]]

I imagine next up on the list is Halloween![[#160]] With our Halloween in August sale, no one should be needing designs![[#160]] It is easy to find Halloween sets – by using the word Halloween in the search! You will see these results: “518 Single Designs Found In 47 Design Sets”[[#160]] – that is quite a few Halloween Designs!

Just take a look at some of the excellent Halloween Designs:

TWO Baby’s First Halloween Sets


Treat Bags

Bag Toppers


Pencil Toppers

Sucker Covers

Bat and Pumpkin shaped Wine Glass Markers for Mom and Dad’s Halloween celebration


FSL Halloween Designs

Haunted House Puzzle!

This almost makes me wish my kids were young again so I would be able to create some fun projects for their Halloween Treats!

Since I have no Halloween or school projects in mind – I spent the better part of my weekend without Internet, I had a great time making collar and tie for my grandcat – a 15 pound black cat – who must be kept INDOORS from mid-October to mid-November, just to keep in safe.

Shrodie (Shrodinger) in his finery

After I surprised my son and his girlfriend with this very formal item of clothing, after all of the praise and thank yous, I was asked – is he getting a tie for Halloween?[[#160]] So, I guess it will be an orange collar with a tie with small black witches on it…[[#160]] Hmmm…might as well make a matching bandana fit his big sister, the toy poodle!

Good luck with your Back to School and Halloween stitching![[#160]] Remember to share your projects with us- and if we use them, you get a get a free set of your choosing!


<battening down the hatches, as we are directly in the path of Isaac!>

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