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Take Out Tools!

By Jolan

Bamboo chopsticks-
My daughter and family enjoy oriental take out on occasion, and I had a brainstorm when visiting recently.
The takeout order included packages of chopsticks. Each package has two chopsticks, one end flat, the other end round. Ive found these to be perfect for use in turning, poking at corners and edges, as an extra finger or stiletto, and as a hanging rod for smaller quilt hangings (length of the ones I have is 9 1/2). Im sure there are many other uses for these, such as plant stakes, to stir drinks, etc. But my first thought was something else for the sewing room.


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2 Responses to Take Out Tools!

  1. Dee says:

    Use these all the time they are fantastic. Some of them also have a slanted end for finger ironing.

  2. Eleanor says:

    the wooden ones can be sharped in a pencil sharpener and fine sandpaper or an old emery board can smooth any rough edges

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