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For information on how to buy with your points, please visit How to Buy with Points information page
Questions about the point system can be entered on the forums at The Points System

The Points System

1 point (changed from 10 points) is worth 1 cent as of Nov 25th, 2015

The points system was reset to zero on March 14, 2016

Currently the following earn points

You do whatYou get
Points for purchases since January 2015. Your past purchases can be emailed to you here25 points for every dollar purchased
Share this site on your facebook wall1 point per day
Join our FaceBook page become a fan1 point per day
Share the daily free facebook design on your facebook wall1 point per share per day
Voting for the next design set to be releasedNo longer available
Categorizing a design CAREFULLY.1 point per accepted category
Voting for the daily free design1 points per vote, 3 votes a day
Finding the free hourly huntNO LONGER AVAILABLE
Visiting Stitch Chat and clicking the link at the bottom of the home page1 point per day

The points system started Dec 13, 2008.

Each point is worth 1 cent that can be used toward single design and design set purchases. If a single design is selling for 75 cents then you will need at least 75 points to purchase it with points.

Each purchase will subtract the point value of your purchased item from your total points.

Points may NOT be used to purchase hard goods such as threads, backings.

Points may NOT be transferred to another person.

Points are linked to your forum username. Changing your forum username will cause you to lose all your points. Changing your email address in the forums will have no effect on your points.

Points have no real cash value, they remain SiCK cents.


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