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Thread: resizing and ith

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    Default resizing and ith

    I know it can be expensive but I bought embird years ago and it was the best thing I ever did I can create designs, I have made over 100 Alphabet Fonts but the program resizes up or down, it allows you to add stitches, even if you have a design that you think is too thin you can thicken it overall, can digitize designs, if You just have a ART design set it will convert it to your type, the program backs up and you can update it online you can do just about everything with this program, its just something I would save for. Everyone likes a different program, I am just saying this one is so much easier, also I think there is a free download for 30 days that you can use to convert and resize thats how Ended up buying it I tried several free trials of software for embroidery, and ended up with Embird.
    Ronette Irby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinon View Post
    Lovely! They will look beautiful on the ITH bags I'm addicted to making.
    MB newbie here, is ITH short for In the hoop? Coming from ITHACA, NY, it could mean plenty around here

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    I do not own Embird - but it would be my choice. To date the updates with my Babylock Ellisimo do every function & more as onscreen editing & with the external pad now I can draw/digitize my own designs. Have never heard anything derogatory about Embird.

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    I have a program that I just got with my latest baby and it runs in the thousands, but I am still using embird. I use my 4D that came with my husqvarna for fonts because I didn't buy the font program from Embird. The only complaint I have with Embird are their tutorials, no sound.

    To answer Sweetmarye Yes ITH means in the hoop

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