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Thread: A new embroiderer

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    Cool A new embroiderer

    Hello everyone

    My name is Ida, I live in Belgium i'm married and I'm 57years old.
    I 'm learning about embroidering and I have bought a pfaff embroiderie machine and embird program.
    I hope I can learn things about you and your members
    My english isn't very good , but I can help myself very well
    So if you have a questions I can answer it

    Till soon


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    Welcome here from one Pfaffie to anaother! You found the best place to be!
    Don't mind your English - there are others around whose Endlish is worse , then there still is the "Dutch Corner" (check out the Non-English forum), and finally there are a few (well, verrrry few) German speaking members around here too!
    In diesem Sinne - viel Spaß bei uns!
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    Hello Ida,

    English is my native language, but I am from Australia and having lived in New Zealand and speaking Maori 50% of the time, and with a smattering of Dutch and a bit Duetsch, I get confused at times. American English is a bit different to the British English and then there is Aussie and kiwi English, even the spellings are different. oh I live in England at the moment, but travel to the USA regularly so when I come back here I am speaking Texan English with a smattering of Spanish from some of my Mexican friends...Embroidery is our common language and as Weinerin says we all eventually understand each other.

    I don't have a Pfaff but have been told it is a lovely machine.

    You will like it here
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    Good morning, Ida, and welcome to the forum!

    I speak English and Afrikaans only, but with the help of a translator, anything is possible.

    I have Bernina machines and love them. I don't know anything about Embird, though...
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    You are very welcome to the forums Ida - I am English with 'school girl' German, so am quite good at reading German, but useless at writing it.
    As the others have said, we are all quite good at understanding what each other are saying, no matter what language it is written in, - even when fingers (or brains) slip and create words that don't exist in ANY language!
    There are members with all sizes and shapes of embroidery machine here, but a lot of the information we share is relevant to all of them.
    We love to see pictures of each others projects, so I hope you'll feel free to share some of your own projects with us. (and if you do something that includes a DesignsBySick design in it you will be most welcome to enter it in our DBS unofficial Contests that run every two months.)

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    Hi Ida welcome to this forum
    If you need to ask something in Dutch do so on the Dutch forum, het Hollandse Hoekje.
    we will be glad to anwer all of your questions in dutch.

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    Welcome Ida, not from Europe or Africa, but from America. So glad you found our site, you'll enjoy it very much.*
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    Welcome Ida from America! So glad to see you here - the group of gals here are all so helpful - you will be amazed at how much you will learn in just a short time - at least I know I am for myslef. Welcome and hope to get to know a lot about you! Please post pictures of your creations.

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    Default will love this site - lots of very knowledgeable ladies!

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    welcome to the forum - we are all in different time zones however still manage to talk to each other - amazing when some are awake other are going to sleep - but we have a common interest - Machine embroidery - I have a Bernina 340 and Embird (still learning)

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