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Thread: Babylock Quest Sewing Machine

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    Question Babylock Quest Sewing Machine

    Just checking on what your thought is of this machine and the price they are selling it for:

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    Sher, it looks like a great sewing/quilting machine. The price seems a little high for a used machine. I found another one in Richmond, VA for $750 with all of the same extras. What I'd want to know before buying it is, when was the last time it was serviced by a dealer. how long has she had it and how much was it used. Also, do you have a babylock dealer in your area. Before purchasing check with your dealer and see if they have any previously loved machines similar to this one and what they want for them. If available from a dealer in your area, I'd probably go with the dealer as he should provide you with a limited warranty and will have made sure it was serviced before selling it.
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    I have had three difference ones an the most trouble I have had is from my last one Ellenante 1.Esasnte, 2. Ellageo,3. Ellegante I have had the most with this one had to replace the bobin case and the cutter not sure if he has (the fixer) it working perfect yet. I still have the last two.(2,3)

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