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Thread: Should we get into the clipart for digitizers business?

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    Default Should we get into the clipart for digitizers business?

    I was thinking I should start a clipart for sale section on the site. Simply put, sell the clipart for others to digitize designs to sell further. I was thinking of allowing people to submit clipart for a 50% share of revenue that set makes. I was thinking starting at $12.95 for a set of ten for digitizers to purchase. There will be no exclusive or semi exclusive sets, each set will sell indefinitely.

    Would you or know someone who would be willing to do sell clipart in this fashion?

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    I used to do graphic art for email stationery many years ago. Sonia once commented she would love to digitize some of my art. I have so much in my portfolio, but it is detailed, so not too sure how it would sell.

    I am sure there must be someone who is interested in this.
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