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Thread: How to view pes files

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    Default How to view pes files

    Hiya all.

    My mother got a embroidery sewing machine some years ago, that she wants to use more, now that she has a grand new baby granddaughter (my niece), and she has downloaded a couple of free designs? She wants to be able to see the files on her computer, so she does not have to remember file names and how the design looked. She does not wish to have to put the files on her usb stick and pop over to the sewing machine to view the files.

    I hope I am making sense.

    She has a brother dont know what model, but it is a disney edition, and it takes usb sticks


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    OK, so my first question is: does she have any software that came with the machine? If so, she should be able to open the designs in that software to view them. If she doesn't have any software, she could download the Wilcom TrueSizer (a free program) to view her designs in there. There are multiple places where this software can be downloaded from. Here is one location that I know of: This site requires you to "register" before you can download the program, although you could probably find another site that doesn't require that if you don't wish to do so. Just do a google search, I guess.

    There are other things that you can do with the TrueSizer, like converting designs from one format to another (very nice, if you want a design that doesn't already come in your PES format).

    If she wouldn't mind spending a little bit of money, there is also the SewIconz iconizer. It is an inexpensive program (about $20) that will change the icons for her embroidery patterns into images of the design itself. I have it and think it is great. To buy that, go to: They even have a demo that you can download before buying (it will run for a week), to see if it is something that will work for you.

    I hope one of these will work for your mom.
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