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A Pouch is a Girl’s Best Friend!

by SewMagical
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and earrings or other jewelry is a popular gift. Rather than just putting the the jewelry in a plain box, why not make a simple case that will give your gift an extra special touch? This would also make a great travel case!


  • Fabric for outside of case (I had some leftover lining fabric)
  • Fabric for lining of case (I used the same fabric. You can also use fleece, felt, satin or velvet; anything which will not scratch the jewelry you put inside.)
  • Fusible interfacing (This will give your case a little “body”)
  • Embroidery design of your choice. (I used the Swirls of Hearts set, available here: http://www.designsbysick.com/details/swirlshearts
  • Snaps
  • Small pieces of fabric and/or plastic canvas

Start by applying the interfacing to your fabric. Depending on the weight of your fabric, you might want to do this to both the outside and the lining fabric. I was using a light weight satiny lining , so that’s what I did.

Sew your design onto the fabric. The Swirls of Hearts set (http://www.designsbysick.com/details/swirlshearts) stitches out great.

Decide what size you want to make your case. Allow fabric for the front of the case, where the design is, the flap, and the back of the case. I wanted the design to be very prominent, so I used the size of the embroidery as my guide. My fabric piece measured about 6.5 inches by 12.5 inches.

I wanted a slightly curved edge on the flap. I folded the fabric in half, and cut a curved line. Folding the fabric in half makes both sides of the flap the same.

Make sure you shape the end you intend to be the flap!

Cut a second piece of fabric the same size and shape.

With right sides together, fold up the bottom edge and stitch in place, leaving the flap free. Do this for each piece.

Trim your corners and seams.

Turn one piece right side out

and slip that inside the other piece.

On what will be the opening of the case, stitch a short distance the side seam to the center.

Leave an opening in the center for turning right side out.

Also stitch around the flap.

You can do this in one step, or do the front and the flap separately. Your stitching should look somewhat like this.

Remember to trim your seams. and clip the curves on your flap
Start turning your case right side out.

When you have everything turned, it will look a little odd.
Don’t worry, that’s how it should look at this point!

Slip one pocket section into the other, leaving the flap free.
Pin the opening closed

and top-stitch along the edge of the pocket.

Top-stitch around the edge of the flap.
Fold the flap over and attach snaps to close it up.

Here is your finished earring case.

Now let’s make something for the earrings to attach to. Since some folks have pieced ears and some don’t, I’m giving you two different holders.

For non-pierced earrings: Take a double layer of interfaced fabric. I used my regular sewing machine to make a satin stitch edge. Make two small (about half-inch) buttonholes. Slip the earring finding through the buttonholes, and attach to the back.

For pierced earrings: Cut a piece of plastic canvas of a size to fit in your case. Place the earring wires or studs through the holes in the canvas.

Now you can slip your earrings on their holder into the case and let someone know just how special they are!

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3 Responses to A Pouch is a Girl’s Best Friend!

  1. Zoelynn says:

    Really nice. Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Frances Paulissen says:

    Very nice!

  3. Jo says:

    Someone make nice pouches for a yardsale (not near as fancy as this) to make the jewlery look nicer for a better sale. I thought it made the jewelery look better than just laying it on the table. But I want to do this for valentines for my girls. So much better than just the box. It is like something worthy of a PRINCESS, which I always want them to know they are.

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