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    Announcing – The Storybook Series! Red Riding Hood, the FULL BOOK!

    by Rob, Idea/set created by Heidi

    How exciting is this?
    All of you who waited patiently for Heidi to release another in her Quilt in a Set Series (you can see all 57 Set in the series by clicking here) we now have something even MORE exciting!
    This has been a project Heidi has wanted to get off the ground for a long, long time and she was finally able to tackle it! So she brings to you – the Storybook Series!!
    In this set, you will receive all of the files necessary to stitch out the entire Red Riding Hood story. That is a total of 24 designs for 12 pages for the book, along with the stitching and assembly instructions.
    If this is as big of a hit as we hope it will be, Heidi will be able to continue with other childhood favorites!
    So, tell all of your friends and friends of friends to stop by and pick up the set – it is a steal at the Designs By SiCK prices! Members get to download the set at no charge, of course!


    To see all of the designs, download or purchase the set, please click here.


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    3 Responses to Announcing – The Storybook Series! Red Riding Hood, the FULL BOOK!

    1. Jolene Ehret says:

      I love the story book idea. I have collected the other ones. Haven’t used them yet. I am the Queen of Procrastinators after.
      But I am itching to do the Red Riding Hood Book very soon. I love you delightfully creative people.

    2. Eleanor Achin says:

      Love the idea of the story book series. Although my children and grand kids are too old for the books, one of my great grand kids is just a year old and it will make a great gift for her.
      Sorry to nit pick but, I noticed a small error in the wording. “Why don’t you pick Grandmother some flowers …………… better. Little Red Riding Hood (and)replied …… I believe the and should have been (then) replied.
      If I am correct, would it be possible for a corrected file to be made available?

    3. Dorene says:

      Can’t wait to do this book for my GGrand daughter for Christmas and share at my quilt class

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