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Baby’s Room Closet Dividers

Created & Designed by Rob Newton
Digitized by Cindy D.

These awesome Baby’s Room Closet Dividers are a must have for any new arrival! These are so simple and quick to make, you will want to include them in any gift you are giving to the new Mom for sure!

There are two methods for creating these closet dividers, one using felt and one using craft foam.
All instructions are given here.

photo5 photo1

Using Felt Using Craft Foam

Supplies you will need:

Stiff Felt or Craft Foam (found in most craft/fabric stores)
Fun Child-like Fabric for the back
Embroidery adhesive
Your choice of:
Tear Away, Wash Away, or Cut Away Stabilizer (Please use Heavy Weight for any stabilizer you choose)

Using Felt and Fabric

Please note that you do not have to follow the color changes on these. As a matter of fact to make these super simple just use the same color for the whole thing! No bothering with changing the thread once you get started! Of course I added color changes to these so your machine will stop enabling you to remove the hoop when you have too.

Step 1:
Load your upper and bobbin thread with the exact same colors.


Step 2:
Hoop the stabilizer of your choice. I would suggest heavy cut away stabilizer however good tear away or wash away would do just fine, it is completely up to you what you use. There is no right or wrong stabilizer for this as long as it is a heavy one.


Step 3:
Cut a piece of stiff felt to fit your hoop area. You don’t have to be exact with this as most of it will be trimmed off. Just lay the felt on the stabilizer (do not hoop the felt) and put your hoop in your machine. You may want to put the hooped stabilizer in your machine first and then lay the felt on it so you don’t knock it around causing wrinkles in it.


Digitizer’s Tip** I have never ever hooped a piece of felt, and when doing something like this I have never even used a basting stitch on the felt. I stitch the first color and that is good enough for a basting stitch and also a trimming line guide. Of course this is personal preference, there really is no wrong way to do this however with that being said, you do not want to hoop the felt

Step 4:
Stitch the first section of the design which is just a round outline and remove hoop from machine.


Step 5:
Carefully trim felt as close to stitch line as possible without cutting the stitching.


Yours should look similar to the below image when you are finished trimming the felt


Step 6:
Return hoop to machine. I would suggest restarting the design from the beginning and letting your machine stitch out the first color change again. This will insure holding the felt in place just in case you nipped a couple of stitches while you were trimming the felt. Again, re-stitching the first color change is only a personal preference. Continue to stitch the next color change


Once this is done, remove hoop from machine.

Digitizer’s Tip***
I always take the time at this point in a design and nip the jump stitches. Speaking of jump stitches, I never sit down to stitch something without, what I call, my rainbow of Sharpies


The reason for these Sharpies is because I am way too lazy to try to clip those very small jump stitches that you find especially when you are stitching out text. I just choose the color of Sharpie to match my background fabric. I very lightly touch the tiny jump stitch with the tip of the pen and it just vanishes. Of course this would not work if you had white fabric and were stitching in black or something like that.

100_0357 100_0359

Before with tiny jump stitches After touching it with a sharpie

Step 7:
Cut a piece of “fun” type children’s fabric a bit larger than the outline of the design. Spray fabric with a touch of embroidery adhesive and gently press the fabric over the design on the back of the hoop


Carefully return hoop to machine. Once you have the hoop returned to the machine, be sure to gently rub your fingers over the front of the design making sure the piece on the back didn’t wrinkle or come loose. Stitch the next color change.


Step 8:
Once again remove the hoop from the machine, flip it over and carefully trim the fabric on the back of the hoop as close to the stitch line as possible without cutting into the stitch line


Step 9:
One last time, return the hoop to your machine and stitch out the rest of the design.

photo3 photo2

Back Front

Step 10:
Remove hoop from machine and tear away, cut away or wash away stabilizer and you are finished! I would suggest running some type of Fray Check around the satin stitch on the edge. This not only will stop the satin stitches from fraying if you accidentally nipped them, but it will also stiffen the edge a little more.


Place closet divider on the wooden dowel in the Baby’s Room Closet. As you receive gifts or buy your own Baby Clothes, you can now keep them neatly organized by size! What a time saver this is when it comes to finding the correct size clothing for your little bundle of joy!!

Rob and I both sincerely hope that you enjoy this very useful and simple project!

To download/purchase the set, please click here.
To see all sets digitized by Cindy, please click here.


CRAFT FOAM Double Sided Closet Divider Instructions:

After stitching out the first one of these on Stiff Felt I thought I would give these a new twist and stitch them out (double sided) on Craft Foam. I was pleasantly surprised how they turned out. Please not, if you are just beginning at machine embroidery, this may be an easy way to learn how to stitch on Craft Foam.

Step 1:

Start with hooping some tear away heavy weight stabilizer. Load your top and bobbin thread with the same color. I would stitch these all in one color to keep it easy.
Cut a piece of Craft Foam to fit inside your hoop. Do not hoop the Craft Foam. You can spray a little Embroidery Adhesive on the back side of the Craft Foam if you would like, but it really isn’t necessary.
Place hoop on machine, straighten craft foam if necessary and stitch the first color.
Back your machine up and stitch the first color again (this will make cutting the craft foam a little easier).
Stitch the rest of the design except for the final satin stitch.
Remove hoop from machine.
Remove embroidered craft foam from hoop. Trim craft foam right on top of the stitch line. Trimming the foam this way will make the stitch line fall off.

**tip** if any thread remains from the stitch line just pull on it a little to remove it. The craft foam will not fray, so there is no need for this stitch line. Tear away your entire stabilizer. If you have little threads left on the edges you can’t pull out, try a piece of tape, like pulling lint off clothes. Put this piece on the side for later use.
Your trimmed craft foam should look something like this:


Step 2:
Hoop a new piece of stabilizer and lay another piece of craft foam in the hoop like you did in step 1.
Return hoop to machine and stitch out the first two color changes.
Remove hoop from machine. Leave stabilizer hooped and carefully trim craft foam as close to the stitch line as possible. It’s a little tricky to trim the opening on the bottom, just use a small pair of scissors. If you accidentally nip the stitch line, don’t worry about it, just be sure to pull out the loose threads so they don’t get stuck in your machine. The design itself will hold the craft foam in place. Be very careful not to cut the stabilizer. Your trimmed craft foam will look something like this:

Front of hoop

Step 3

Flip your hoop over.
Get the piece that you stitched in step one. Spray the back of the foam with a touch of embroidery adhesive or use a couple of tiny pieces of two-sided take or even regular Scotch Tape.
Place the piece you stitched in step one exactly over the stitch line on the back of the hoop. Try to line it up the best you can. I used two pieces of tape on the top and the bottom to hold it on and it worked fine. (LOL..Yes, I stitched right through the tape)


(Back of hoop)

Step 4

Return hoop to machine, make sure the foam didn’t move on the back by running your fingers over the front of it making sure not to feel any wrinkles.
Stitch color change #3, this will put another running stitch along the edge just to hold everything in place.
Now stitch the final satin stitch. Because the craft foam is so thick I stitched the satin stitch twice, the results were amazing! Your design will look like this:

After final satin stitch

Remove from machine and tear away stabilizer. If some of the craft foam is visible on the edges, just take the same color Sharpie as the thread and color the craft foam with it. It covers up any imperfections in the stitching!

You now have a 2 sided closet divider that will look something like this:


Big Hugs!
Cindy D. and Rob Newton


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22 Responses to Baby’s Room Closet Dividers

  1. danita says:

    Nice and very interesting idea. May be useful for other type of separation: name of the children or type of clothe.

  2. Debby says:

    This is a GREAT idea. I will try it for my new grand daughter. But what a wonderful idea for a baby gift.

  3. Pat says:

    Cute idea!

  4. Lys S. says:

    My grand daughter is now 2 1/2. Wish I had been able to stitch these 2 years ago. Will positively do them as gifts for other new moms.
    LOVE them, keep the great ideas coming.

  5. maydean says:

    Would it be possible from now on if all instruction be also be included with the designs? That way if we need the directions we would not have to looking all over the site to find them. Also, if we printed out the directions we do not have look for them, and also we would not have to use up our paper.

    Thank you for all your designs

    Maydean Grundstrom
    Sunnyvale California USA
    [editor’s note: Maydean, all of our newer sets have instructions included. I also put them online for when one of the designs is given away as a freebie. And, Cindy and I are going through all of the other sets (slowly) and getting instructions put into those as well.

  6. Carol Jenks says:

    This is a fantastic idea. Too bad these weren’t available when my kids were little ones. I would have loved these and I believe that my daughter and daughter-in-law will love them. Can’t wait to get them done. Thanks Rob and Cindy.

  7. Carol Jenks says:

    What a great idea. Wish I had them when my kids were little. I’m thinking these will make great Christmas gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law this year. Thanks Rob and Cindy.

  8. Katie says:

    I just read where some people are using craft foam to make greeting cards. They embroider it & then attach/glue it to a blank card. I would like to see some designs for cards; either on paper or craft foam.

  9. sandra says:

    Very cute! Especially useful if you are in the infant toddler clothing business! Very cute baby shower gift as well. Because new mother’s always get a assorted sizes. Now for the ladies I think small, medium & large are helpful with the up and downs weighsLOL Sandra

  10. Karen says:

    you are so smart…this is a great idea–this could even be used for adults to label different clothes we wear and this would keep our closet so organize…love this!

  11. Mary says:

    Wow, what a great project and tutorial. Love the tip about the sharpies too. Mary

  12. Shirley W. says:

    Very nice idea, even for ladies clothes. I have different sizes in my closet since my weight tends to fluctuate.

  13. margaret lote says:

    Hi , What a great idea. your soooo clever …But can you tell me where I can get the sharpies from ? they look a great tool to have …
    Keep up the good work , now I am going to purchase the desin
    Than you . Margaret WA.

  14. Wilma says:

    Unbelievable! Just this weekend I was lamenting the lack of dividers in Wee Ones (our churh’s baby room where we give away anything pretaining to babies of newborn to 2T. I never thought of making them on my embroidery machine. Next month we will have these to make our volunteer’s life a little easier.

  15. Rose Hill says:

    I love these but our system for baby gear runs –
    00000,0000,000,00,1,2,3,4, etc to size 16.. I would love to make a set even for the older grand daughters as we often buy a couple of sizes ahead when on special and these would be great so didn’t go past the size I often had 2 or 3 different sizes in a cupboard at a time. I had a friend who all the childrens by size and as the kids grew they went to the next size as she 15 kids mostly girls the system worked well.
    Plus how older women have 2-3 sizes of clothes because their weight goes up and down.

  16. Marcia says:

    Neat idea. It would be good to have some that gives labels: ex. pants, shirts, dresses or sizes for older people, his, hers. As one person suggested, we women have different sizes in our closets. :^)

  17. Lynne says:

    I love these but would like to see them for adults too. My weight goes up & down. This wouuld be an great way to organize the sizes! Some of my clothes I call ‘FAT”

  18. Helen says:

    What size needle should I use on the craft foam? I’m planning to make them for my son and wife..expecting 2nd child

  19. Helen says:

    Made 3T, 4T, and 6x for grandson with felt. Turned out well..waited until stitching all done before trimming..will get some Fray Check tomorrow, however, thely look great! Thanks for the dividers…will make more for new baby…also, any chance for extended sizes? ie 5T, 7,8,9? I used my points for these!!
    [editor’s note: We are talking about extending sizes for children and adding sizes for women

  20. Linda says:

    I used Timtex instead of felt to stitch these. Timtex is the product everyone was using a few years ago to make the stiff bowls. Timtex makes a much stiffer divider . . . just thought I’d share this idea.

    Love the idea of the closet dividers. I’m attending a baby shower next weekend and will give these as one of my gifts.

  21. Linda says:

    I made this wonderful gift for my niece that is expecting her 2nd baby next month. I used stiff cut-away and applique material method. She was extremely happy with her unusual but very useful new gift and passed them to all her curious guests……great idea SICK !! Yes more sizes and for all will be greatly appreciated 😉 thanks

  22. maggie says:

    Rob, I made your closet dividers for my granddaughter to give at a baby shower. They were a hit. When asked where she got them, she said her Granny made them, we don’t shop at Target! (Target was the registry for baby gifts) This is such a unique gift idea, I am already working on another set, I never know when I might need a baby gift.

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