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    Burst of Spring Wind Sock

    by Tonya
    Cut list:
    2- 26×8 inches (Inner and Outer Panel)
    1- 26×4 inches (Bottom band)
    10- 2×22 inches or Ribbon (streamers)
    Ribbon or nylon cord for hanging and 8 inch brass ring.

    Hoop stabilizer: ( I used a light weight cut away) find the center on the outer panel
    and place in the hoop ( I also pined the outer edges of my fabric to hold.

    Spring Windsock 1 Spring Windsock 2

    Run the design unhoop and trim away excess stabilizer. Hoop stabilizer and place
    the fabric on one of the ends and run the next design. Repeat on the opposite end.
    Repeat this process on the bottom band.

    SW 3 SW 4

    Press the panels then stitch the bottom band to the bottom of the outer panel.
    On the outer Panel and the inner panel fold the edges over about 1/4 inch and then
    over 1/4 inch again to create hems. Press and stitch to hold.

    SW 5 SW 6

    Fold the panels in length wise and stitch to hold.

    SW 7 SW 8

    Turn the inner panel right side out and pin to the top of the outer panel placing
    wrong sides together. Stitch the top together leaving 1 inch spaces to run the
    hanging cord through. Turn the right side out showing the embroidery on the outer
    Panel and pin the steamers to the bottom of the Bottom band. Spacing them as
    desired. ( I use 10 2 inch strips from a fat quarter)

    SW 9 SW 10

    Slide the 8 inch ring in between the outer and inner panel, Run you hanging
    ribbon or nylon cord through the openings and tie to the 8 inch ring.

    SW 11 SW 12

    You can see/download/purchase the set by clicking here.

    You can see all sets by Tonya by clicking here.

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