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    Announcing – The Storybook Series! Red Riding Hood, the FULL BOOK!

    Announcing – The Storybook Series! Red Riding Hood, the FULL BOOK!

    by Rob, Idea/set created by Heidi How exciting is this? All of you who waited patiently for Heidi to release another in her Quilt in a Set Series (you can see all 57 Set in the series by clicking here) we now have something even MORE exciting! This has been a project Heidi has wanted to get off the ground for a long, long time and she was finally able to tackle it! So she brings to you – the Storybook Series!! In this set, you will receive all of the files necessary to stitch out the entire Red Riding … Continue reading

    Posted in Articles, Project of the Week, Projects | 3 Comments

    Project of the Week – Empty Pockets & New Challenge!

    Project of the Week – Empty Pockets & New Challenge!

    By Rob, Designs by Rhonda Rhonda begins her instructions for this delightfully original new set as follows, “How many times did you wish you had a little pocket on something? You can use printed material or stitch a design on fabric and make a pocket out of it. Cute to add it kids clothes and adults too.” I thought this was a brilliant project when she first told me she was thinking about it! When I was getting the set prepared to put them on the DesignsBySiCK website, I was sitting in the Great Room with some family members. I … Continue reading

    Posted in Articles, Instructions, Project of the Week | 7 Comments

    POTW  – International Recipe Towels

    POTW – International Recipe Towels

    by Rhonda and Rob We asked – you answered! You sent in the International recipes and I cannot wait to try them (Rob). Rhonda did a beautiful job of creating the designs! What should be next? Any ideas? Click COMMENT and let us know! Also, what else might you do with these designs? Again, comment below, please! You can download/purchase/see the set here:      

    Posted in Articles, Project of the Week | 2 Comments

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