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Door Hangers



Door Hangers

By Cindy D.


These door hangers are relatively easy to stitch out and I’ve tried to make the instructions as easy as possible.

********PLEASE NOTE********

No matter WHAT color shows up on your particular machine, the running stitches around the edges and the final satin stitch around the edge of the front, are to be stitched in the same color! I have tried to make the very first running stitch the color ALL of the edge stitching. If you load the first door hanger design, you will notice the first running stitch is white, this means, no matter what color your machine says, all edge stitches, running & satin, should be white.


Materials List:

1). A heavy fabric for the front & back of Door Hanger. I used felt, and it worked fine.

2). Heavy Weight Cut-Away Stabilizer

3) Heavy Weight Tear-Away Stabilizer

4) Embroidery Spray Adhesive

5) Thread colors of your choice

6) Small sharp scissors and exacto knife


6 You will be starting with the back first. HoopCUT-AWAY Stabilizer ONLY
25 Lay fabric on top of CUT-AWAY Stabilizer. DO NOT hoop fabric. You can spray stabilizer with a touch of embroidery adhesive to hold it in place
3 Attach hoop to machine. Run your fingers over fabric to smooth.
8 Stitch FIRST color ONLY. Remove hoop from machine.
5 Remove fabric & stabilizer from hoop and trim as close as possible to stitching line as you can without cutting through the stitching. Put this piece to the side, you will need it for the final step.
6 Hoop HEAVY weight tear-away stabilizer ONLY.
7 Lay fabric on top of TEAR-AWAY Stabilizer. DO NOT hoop fabric. You can spray stabilizer with a touch of embroidery adhesive to hold it in place
8 Stitch the rest of the OUTLINE stitches only.
Remove hoop from machine.
doorhangers-9 Trim FABRIC only as close as possible to stitch line without cutting through running stitches. DO NOT CUT THROUGH STABILIZER.
Put hoop back on machine.
stitch design Stitch the “Design sections of the file. DO NOT STITCH ANY EDGES INCLUDING THE DOOR KNOB HOLE. After the “design” itself is stitched remove hoop from machine.
11 Get the piece that you put on the side before for the back. Turn you hoop so the BACK of the hoop is facing you. Spray some embroidery adhesive on the stabilizer side of the back piece you stitched first.
12 Gently place the back piece on the BACK of the hoop using the running stitch lines as a guide. It should look like the picture on the right. The fabric should be facing you on BOTH sides of the hoop.
13 Change bobbin thread to match upper thread.
Sorry No Picture Available Carefully turn hoop back over, holding the back piece in place and return hoop to machine. Stitch the rest of the design. It will stitch a couple of tack downs first and then the satin stitches to complete the design.
15 When complete the front & back should look like this and should be attached to each other. This is actually a picture of a notepad holder but the door hanger should look exactly the same except it has the hole at the top for the door knob
Finished Doorhanger Your Door Hanger is done

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7 Responses to Door Hangers

  1. Karen says:

    thank you for these instructions, these are very clear, especially with the pictures and now I understand how to make the note holders as well.

  2. Cindy D, Digitizer says:

    You are very welcome Karen! Basically when I do things with fronts & back I always try to do it with basically the same instructions.

    Glad you like them!
    Cindy D

  3. Tammy says:

    Could there be a possibility of the doorhangers to be split into a 2 part set for us who have the 4×4 area and have the multi position hoop ????
    pretty please
    thanks big bunches, Tammy
    [I have submitted this request to the owners and digitizers, Tammy.
    Rob, editor]

  4. madeline says:

    Yes, I would like to know how to cut out the hole for the door knob ? To be able to hang it,I would guess using a extacto knife but want to be sure. Thank you

  5. Sandy says:

    I love the door hanger! I am ordering these, but wondered if the Welcome to the Nut House is also ncluded? I like that one best! There is always so much going on around here that it seems just like a NUT HOUSE!! Thanks!

  6. MERCEDES says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the instructions. Carolyn

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