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Easter In-The-Hoop Candy Bags

By Rhonda (Digitizer, Designs By SiCK)

Easter In-The-Hoop Candy Bags

(Click link above to open a new page where you can view/purchase the set.)

Basic Instructions

Materials Needed
Fabric : 2 pieces 4″ x8″ folded in half with “wrong” sides facing.

15″ to 20″ piece of yarn or ribbon for drawstring.

Color #1
Stitch fabric placement line

Easter Bag 1

Easter Bag 2

place folded piece of fabric with the folded edge on the top of design line.



Color #2

This is the Front casing line for the drawstring.
There is NO casing line for the back. The drawstring will stay in place on that back as illustrated later.

Stitch making sure that the thread matches material.


Color #3

Stitch Design in Color of your choice.


Step 2 Back of Bag

Fold piece of material in half, matching top edge with top of 1st color stitch line.



Color #4


Remove from hoop and gently remove tear-away-stabilizer.


Trim outside of last stitch seam.


Turn outside in


Pull ribbon or drawstring through the front top layer and then through the back.






Knot ends together and trim ends.


Fill with goodies!

Pull drawstring tight to close.


Easter Bags

Easter Bags

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12 Responses to Easter In-The-Hoop Candy Bags

  1. MooMommy says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Is there a “printable” verson?

  2. ldingeldine says:

    Can we get these Instructions in PDF format so we can save them to a file? Can’t hurt to ask;)

    [note: You can copy and paste it into any word processing program and save it. rob]

  3. Cheryl says:

    That is really neat! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gerry B says:

    Thank you! Heavens knows what I would have done!!

  5. jacalyn says:

    Love this, this will make all my bag making much easier, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays,etc. It will just go on and on and on like the Easter Bunny!!!

  6. Sue Chapman says:

    Very good directions; the pictures, it seems to me, are so well done that anybody (even one who has never done an in-the-hoop project will be able to successfully do this one.


  7. Penny DuBose says:

    Love the picture instructions, you make it so clear to understand. I hope you will make some more bags in the larger sizes, hopefully 6×10, so we can really pack the goodies in and use larger designs. My great-grandbabies just love to get suprises in this kind of bag and they are so quick to make. They really make good use of all the little pieces of fabric we all have, and I have even used two different ones for the front and back and the kids think it’s suppose to be that way! And, for the older group, I fill them with different scents for a wonderful sachet to hang in the closet or on a doorknob. Thank you so much for the time it takes you to make such wonderful instructions, I really appreciate it. Hugs and blessings, Penny

  8. MooMommy says:

    Maybe it is because I am using Opera as my browser, but the photos don’t paste into word… it’s the great photos that really help!
    [moderator’s note: Try RIGHT clicking on the photo and choosing “copy image” and then paste it into the proper place in your Word document.
    moderator ]

  9. Joanie Owen says:

    Is there a link to get the design for the embroidery machine or did I miss it?

    [mod note: Ask and ye shall receive.. 🙂 I just put one there and also there is a picture of the bags at the bottom of the instructions as well. huggers, rob, moderator]

  10. cyndiq says:

    these would make cute gift pouches for jewellery etc
    can you make some with other designs
    simple flower,heart, star, diamond, cupcake, cup of coffee, cute kitten, cute puppy, australian antimals,
    thanks cyndi

  11. donna says:

    it’s great for all the little
    booboos out there

  12. rae says:

    I must be pretty thick, because I am not understanding the instructions at all.
    do you put the two 4×8 pieces together wrong sides facing the fold in half or do up put one 4×8 piece folded in half so that you end up with a bag that has 4 thicknesses to make one pouch?

    [editor’s note: Just received this from Rhonda…(digitizer)
    Folded in half, with the folded half at the top. So yes 4 thick. The fold at the top is to make the draw string case. Otherwise it will take 2 hoopings. ~ rob, editor]

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