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    Embroidery Greeting Cards?

    by Susan

    Yes, absolutely, according to Susan!

    She has created a wonderful tutorial so you can make them as well!

    Birthday/Celebration Cards

    (pictured card is made using the steps below)

    There is nothing nicer than giving a hand made card and its so lovely to receive one too!

    I use a white tri-fold card (a card where one side folds inside the card see picture) with an aperture round or
    oblong. I choose white because I usually use a white background for the embroidery

    I lie my embroidery piece flat on a surface and hold the aperture over it so that the image is in the middle of the Aperture just so I can make sure it fits and then I can cut off some of the extra material around the image

    On the inside of the aperture I use double sided tape, this will make the material stick fast to the card

    I then place the card with the sticky piece over the embroidery image and flatten, cut off the excess material being careful not to take off too much otherwise the picture wont lie flat. Turn the card over and use the double sided tape down the left hand side only and along the top and the bottom again only on the left hand side

    Now fold the left hand side of the card over to the middle and press firmly

    Because this card is for a man (my nephew) I have chosen to make it fairly plain. I have used a simple edging around the front of the aperture only. For a ladys card I usually put decorative corners at each corner of the card which really sets the card off but I didnt want to make this one look feminine

    Now for the inside of the card!

    Take a piece of A4 paper and cut about an inch off the top and the side, fold in half, I’ve used red for the first piece because there is red on the biker.
    Use sticky tape again along the fold and place inside the card.
    Use a contrasting lighter colour paper, slightly smaller than the first and once again use the sticky tape and place inside the first piece of coloured paper.
    I sometimes round the corners with a punch depending on how the mood takes me


    NOTE: The motorcycle design above is from the set Bike Week 2007, which can be seen by clicking here.

    Follow Susan’s instructions and make a one-of-a-kind card for someone, scan it inside and outside and send to us and if yours is chosen to be added to this article as an example, you will receive a free set of your choosing!
    Limit one per person!
    Email Rob

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    6 Responses to Embroidery Greeting Cards?

    1. Jolene says:

      Very Clever…

    2. Rosemary Clark says:

      Where is the man and motor cycle design from ? Here? Thanks for the tutorial on card making

      [editor’s note: that is my fault! It is from Bike Week 2007. I will put the link in above!

    3. Myrtle says:

      Thank you so very much for sharing this card I love it I have always wondered about this and Love making cards also. I will use this idea (when I get time) again thank you so very much for sharing this You have started my monday happy! Love in the Love of Jesus’

    4. Lynn says:

      Very nice idea. Are you able to purchase envelopes to match the size or do you make your own as well.?

    5. Susan Prior says:

      Hi Lynn

      I buy a pack containing cards and matching envelopes. Thank you to everyone for your comments, I hope you enjoy making them

    6. Mary Angerer says:

      Okay–can you tell us where you buy the cards and envelopes? I would love to try this!

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