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    Hello, My Name is Rob and I am a Pinterest Addict!

    by Rob

    OK, so I was not the first one to jump on the bus – but I have truly become addicted to Pinterest. I knew when I saw national news covering the newest craze online – I was doing the right thing!

    What is Pinterest? A crazy place which will steal every ounce of spare time and time you did not have – but OHHH it is so much fun. I am not one to play online games (except the occasional Scrabble game) and I have a FaceBook account to keep up with the goings on of my kids (natural and those I have claimed as my own over the past years – always with their parents’ approval).. so Pinterest – well, piqud my interest.

    You can see all the wonderful, sometimes crazy, sometimes brilliant, sometimes heartfelt ideas, crafts, architecture, gardening, projects and sayings, ideas/techniques for teaching children (and I am not even covering the tip of the iceberg here). Then, once you have created an “account”, you can RE-pin those ideas, crafts, exotic places, etc to your own “Board” in a category you create.

    On MY Pinterest – I have the following Boards:

    Machine Embroidery – Applique I have just started my Machine Embroidery Categories – so they are sparse – but of course, they showcase my favorite designs from Designs By SiCK

    Machine Embroidery

    Machine Embroidery – Projects

    Awesome which has a picture of art (and we are talking 3D the size of a ROOM ) made of threads…. not stitched, just hanging

    Ahhh Memories! – which has the saying “If you have never jumped from one couch to another to avoid the lava, you didn’t have a childhood”

    Yep…. This one is for sayings such as: “Never Confuse Education with Intelligence”, “Inspiration exists, it just has to find you working – Pablo Picasso” and “Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, thundercloud?” – you know – things that make you say “Yep”

    Here is another:

    Wish this was available when I was raising kids And it shows a box of really cool Band Aids for kids with words such as ‘Jousting’, ‘Ninja Fight’, ‘Dance Off’ and ‘Shark Bite’ – My kids would have LOVED these!

    Places I have been – only one pic of TX there… to remind me of the two years I spent there recently and the wonderful friends I met but I have another board for these too…

    Homeschool stuff– with one picture of how to make a book with one sheet of paper. I homeschooled all three kids – all the way through and still work with homeschool moms – this is an area very near and dear to me. As the saying goes “I was homeschooling when homeschooling wasn’t cool”

    Some fun(ny) stuff – This is a catch all category – I love it! One picture shows a kitchen – SPOTLESS – with a note on the counter which reads “I spent 1.5 hours cleaning this kitchen. IF YOU MESS IT UP, I WILL CUT YOU <heart> Mom.”Here is another which made me laugh – and brought back memories of homeschooling! “Frank, my husband is home!” or: “Frank, my husband, is home!” Same words – huge difference!

    Things I have made Here are pics of the cupcake oven mitts I made for our daughter and the heart quilt my daughter, sister and I made for my younger sister. Below you will see the Chef’s hat and “cheffy” pants for our daughter’s stuffed rat “Max.”

    Cool stuff for the house Here I have pinned a picture of a perfectly simple, yet elegant table decoration – Wine glasses (3) turned upside-down over a rose blossom – real or silk – not sure and it does not matter – with a small white votive candle on the top (bottom) of each glass.

    Stitchin and stuff This has some cute projects – and one VERY useful one – how to shorten jeans and keep the original hemline! WOW! Could have used THIS years ago. There are other projects and some awesome pics of fabric stash organizing (envy!!)

    Sensible? Truly sensible thoughts/tips IMHO – like “Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent free – in your head”, and another is a picture showing how to freezing fresh herbs in water/oil/broth!
    Here is one for iPhone/iPod power cord holders! Doesn’t it make you want to say, “Why didn’t I think of that!” and go running to your desk to get one of those large black clips (which my kids used to call “purses” = just hold one up with the black part down – looks just like one!)

    This just makes sense! (OK, so I am not so creative) This one picture will make you go – “OF COURSE! Why didn’t I think of that?” It is a picture of a zip strip – um, multiple outlet thingy for electrical plugs – and on each wire near the plug is one of those colorful plastic bread thingies (my vocabulary cannot be matched!) with “monitor”, “power” etc written on the tags! I am saving all of my bread tags to send to my electronically over abundant kids!

    Just cute… This one is mainly animals and cute stuff. I am a “I can has cheezeburger” fan – love the LOL cats – but I do not repin all those I love here. However, Cookie Monster in front of a computer screaming “Delete Cookies???” won a place here as did a picture of a tiny door in a wall – which looks like the grand entrance to a mouse house which instead hides an outlet.

    Looks kinda tasty! This has all sorts of goodies – like ice cream cones filled with fruit, spicy roasted cauliflower and skinny potato soup

    Thinking of someone… This category usually means I have someone in particular in mind when I repin things. All of my kids are on Pinterest – so they know. A picture of Gummy Bears in champagne – for my youngest – he has always been a fan of Gummy Bears; a picture of a waterproof shower notepad – for my writer/director son who keeps a notepad beside his bed because he is constantly coming up with ideas! Thank goodness for iPhones with OneNote! And, a picture of a bookcase necklace – thinking of my daughter who always has at least THREE books going at one time and never ever uses a bookmark! So much for me stitching out all of those lovely FSL bookmarks for her! The one below was chosen for my big biker dude. 🙂

    Books Worth Reading Only one here so far – “The Good Heart” by the Dalai Lama – he explains the Buddhist perspective on the teachings of Jesus… incredible book. I happened to meet a group of Tibetan Monks a few years back and I was taken with their dedication and belief in kindness. This book was the next logical step for me.

    Favorite Places & Spaces These are places I have either visited or lived. I scoured the Pinterest site to find Greece, Egypt, Bahamas, Niagara Falls. I have also pinned a picture of the Northern Lights – definitely on my wish list! Soon I hope to upload a picture of the incredible loghome my big biker dude built for us. That, truly, is my favorite place.

    Products I Love Nothing pinned here.. hmm..perhaps I should get back to looking!!

    Craft Ideas Oh now this one is fun! There you will find a tutorial on how to make Barbie clothes, coasters made from corks and a sign which reads, “I’m not gonna buy that! I can make it!” among many others…. The one below show a “macaroon coin purse”!

    Stuff to ponder is mainly sayings – and there are sooo many good ones out there! “Your beliefs don’t make a better person, your behavior does” , “I’m not telling you it is going to be easy. I am telling you it is going to be worth it” and “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument” I could go on! The one below I find to be true!

    Things for My Wall Oh this one is filling fast as well. Mainly because there are so many things I want people to see – which define ME. “Being Called Mom is my greatest Blessing”, “If you cannot say anything nice, then don’t say ANYTHING at all and DON’T SAY IT ON FACEBOOK EITHER!”, and one of my favorites “We’re adults! How did that happen? And how can we make it stop?” The one below is pretty much describes my philosophy in life.

    For the Home Neat stuff here – one which shows homemade reusable Swiffer dusters, a chair which is made of bookcases (thinking of my daughter here – see below) and orange infused vinegar for cleaning!

    Favorite Recipes OK, I admit, I have never tried these recipes – but I want to! Orange Creamsicle smoothies, cupcakes with mini cupcakes on top as decoration, and apple slices piled high with peanut butter, coconut, raisins and who knows what else.

    In essence, Pinterest takes the place of all of those notebooks and file folders filled with ideas for food, crafts, gifts, etc – which you will find in everyone’s home.

    You can click on the top right side of any Pin (which takes you to where it came from) and you will get to the actual website where you will see instructions, recipes, places to purchase, etc.

    Quite often, it will take you to someone’s Blog (Web log) where they talk about their families, recipes, you name it. Pioneer Woman was once just a blogger who now has her own TV show! Oh, and fair warning here.. Blogs – are just as addicting! That is an entirely different story!

    I have to admit, I do not Re-Pin everything I see. Sometimes I just go to the originating Blog or website and send it to my kids or friends. I send the recipes to my daughter in hopes she will create some of these wonderful dishes!

    I have to admit – I have tread carefully to some of the websites – not sure what I would find. But, since my daughter is such a bibliophile – I could not help but go to a website after falling in love with one picture of a set of bookshelves. http://bookshelfporn.com/ I braced myself – and I was amazed. You will be as well.

    Bookfessions.tumblr.com/page/1 has the most incredible sayings about reading/books. I can see MANY of these being stitched onto pillowcases, towels, wall hangings, etc. HINT HINT!!!

    Some Facts you must know- You must be “invited” to join Pinterest. I am assuming this is to cut down on the chance of spammers and those who would post some not-so-nice things on their boards. I am very thankful for this – as it only takes one to ruin a good thing.

    Website: pinterest.com simple as that

    PINTEREST – PIN INTEREST Pin what interests you

    Jump on “board” – you will love it. And just as I have given advice to those who have a brand new embroidery machine – there are things you MUST DO!

    1) Get a sippy cup with a straw and screw on lid – you cannot afford to spill anything on your computer (or embroidery machine)
    2) Learn to eat non-crumbly, non-greasy finger foods (not good near your computer or embroidery machine)
    3) Print out a picture of your face and attach it to the back of your head so your family will remember what you look like!

    Last – but far from least- big Kudos to Shawn for placing the PIN link on each design set on Designs By SiCK. This is why I have the new Machine Embroidery Boards! I have started pinning embroidery designs!!! And, now you can too!

    AH! Go to Pinterest.com and in the upper left side, type in the name of my board: Rob Newton (don’t be alarmed by the pic of my big biker dude! See pic below)

    Rob Newton’s Big Biker Dude


    OH!!! And now you can “follow” Designs By SiCK on Pinterest!

    You can either click on Pinterest on the right side of the website…or just click here:



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    20 Responses to Hello, My Name is Rob and I am a Pinterest Addict!

    1. Berenice says:

      Yikes! I was once sucked into Pinterest from another blogger’s site. It is true, you can lose yourself. Too much good stuff in one spot. Set the kitchen timer and stick to it!!

    2. nellou says:

      Rob – How can I visit your Pinterest boards? I would love to see what you have on your Machine Embroidery and Machine Embroidery – Projects boards.

      {editor’s note: Just go to pinterest.com then – in the top left hand side you will see a search box – just type in Rob Newton and that is me!

    3. Jolene Ehret says:

      Finally I know what pinterest is. For life of me had no clue what it was all about. I will check it out though.
      Thanks Rob for the explanation.

    4. MistyMorn says:

      Can’t see the pictures.

      [editor’s note: All fixed!

    5. candy berg says:

      I love pinterest.. Its great.

    6. Margaret Lote says:

      Hi Rob.
      Well sorry but you need to get a life ha ha ha or look after you hubby more then he will not fall . or get the flu ha ha ha ha … Aussie marg.xx

      [editor’s note: Life? That’s a thought….. But – no ya don’t! You can’t blame this stuff on me! I wasn’t on Pinterest when he fell… honest!! I wasn’t even home! And the flu, well, Guilty as charged – I did give him that. I share so well!

    7. ginny cook says:

      That is so cool. I did not know what it was. Have been invited. Now will join. Thanks.

    8. Oh no not another Pinterest addict. It must be stopped!! I actually use it for a bookmarking tool. My bookmarks were getting to be so many it was hard for me to find sites I was looking for (mainly tutorials). Pinterest works great for that plus I can just go to my boards and SEE the project I’m looking for.

      As for getting sucked in for hours–haven’t done that yet. I’m picky as to who/what boards I follow. Most of the ones I follow are food, DIY, and crafts.

      My name on there is Lil Bit Sassy.

    9. Debby Wright says:

      How true, it is addictive. But I so love the creativity of it. And while I’m reading this post, I’m thinking, I have to find this so I can repost it. Also have a file of instructions or recipes I’ve printed out! Happy pinning, see you there!!

    10. Radmom says:

      I’m afraid to go to Pinterest, as I know I’ll waste my whole day on there. Thanks for the books links. My daughter always has a book. She prefers real ones, even tho’ I bought her a Kindle in case the library doesn’t have a book she wants or hasn’t read yet.

    11. Kathy Elamon says:

      Did a search for Rob Newton. Didn’t find any boards but found 4 people. How do I know which is you???

      [The pic beside my name is of my big biker dude…a blonde with a blonde beard and mustache. Let me see if I can put his pic into the story….Yep! I did… so look for Rob Newton with a pic like the one you see in the story!

    12. Nancy says:

      Rob, is what I post on my BOARD on Pinterest open for ALL to see?

      [editor’s note: it is available yes, but only those who are members of Pinterest get to really see everything, as I understand it. I can recall, before I joined, being limited somewhat as to what I could view.
      The whole point of Pinterest is not to be a communication vehicle, but rather to just have things which interest you available at your fingertip.

    13. Maggie says:

      I read from a reliable source not to put anything on Pinterest that is your original as Google has the right to use it in anyway they want to. I am not on Pinerest as you also have to agree to be put on the Timeline on Facebook, which I have went out of my way to opt our of everything before March 1. I have went in to look at a couple and they can keep you lost in them for hours if you aren’t careful.

    14. Bonita says:

      I’ve been on Pinterest for a few months and I too am addicted and was so glad to see that SICK has added a pin button to the design pages. I love to save things I like or want to use or try on my Pinterest pages. Since I love SICK designs and the SICK site I’ll be sure to pin lots of things to my Pinterest pages.

    15. Robin welsh says:

      My name is Robin . I am an addict too lol. I am also addicted to hanging with friends and words with friends. I will look for you and follow you on pinterest Rob

      [editor’s note: Uh oh… I do Words with Friends too! RUH ROH

    16. Karen Cooper says:

      I get to meet you all over again! How fun reading through all of your amazing talents and fun things you are interested in. Thanks for your amazing help with “the” project.

    17. L says:

      thanks for explaining pinterest.
      i wasn’t quite sure about using it.

    18. katiemouse says:

      So pleased to see your comments on pininterest, thanks for sharing.

    19. katiemouse says:

      g’day from downunder, enjoyed your comments about pininterest, I am really enjoying it too, love the photo of the mouse door, just my size lol

    20. diane swett says:

      Hi rob – I could not find you on pintrest. would love to see what

      [editor’s note:
      Diane – my Pinterest Boards are under Rob Newton

      The pictures is of my big biker dude husband – so do not be alarmed!

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