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Mini Pincushions

by Sharon Smith

To make a small gift pincushion using a napkin ring, after stitching a
small design on a circular piece of fabric (diameter will depend on
the size of your napkin ring and the ‘puff’ you make).

Now, take your embroidered circle and make a filled ‘puff’ using fiber
fill, then simply glue into the top of the napkin ring.

I use a small stone for weight if the ring is too light and glue a
piece of felt to the bottom to make it look pretty.

Not only are they quick, fun and adorable, these make cute gifts for
the sewers on you list.


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4 Responses to Mini Pincushions

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Excellent idea!! I am always looking for ideas for the church bazaar. I will definately be using this idea. Thanks

  2. Sandra says:

    This is a great idea! I always like to have little gifts to give, and I will make some of these for that purpose. But first…I will make one for myself, for the times when I do handwork while watching T.V.

  3. seanstress_irene says:

    I just started my in-home sewing business and have been working on decorating my sewing room. “one” of my motifs is strawberries and guess what? I have four ceramic strawberry designed napkin rings which will look great sitting on my notion shelf. This will also assist in selling my talents. – Thanks

  4. Donna says:

    Great idea! I purchased a couple of rings over the weekend to try this – but where do you find the small designs that you used? DBS designs seem to all be to big.

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