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Pincushion Tutorial ~ Pt 2: Pear

by Debbie Vechter

Pear 1

As promised, here is the second pincushion tutorial for making the
pear pincushion.  If necesssary, please refer to “Are You Looking For
Ideas?” published Oct. 14, 2008.

Materials List:

* Pear section template
* Pear leaf template
* Fabric of your choice for pear, leaf and stem
* Fiberfill stuffing
* Thread

1. The pear template is easy to draw yourself, in fact, once you make
your first pear pincushion, you may wish to vary your template a bit
for different sizes and form.  The template can be whatever size you
like.  From your pear section template trace 6 sections.

2. From your leaf template cut 2 leaves.

Pear 2

3. To sew the leaf together, place the right sides together, wrong
sides out, sew around the edge, leaving an opening so that you can
turn it to the right side.  Turn so that right sides are out.  Sew the
opening closed.

4. Sew leaf veins on the leaf top to give it a more ‘realistic’ look.

5. To make the stem cut a rectangle double the length of what you want
the length of the stem to be.  If you want your stem to be 1.5 inches,
cut a piece about 3″ X 1.5″.  Fold the rectangle in half with the
folded edge being the top.  Roll the stem making sure the folded edge
is at the top.  When you get to the last part of the rolling, fold the
edge in and finger press down.  Hand sew the open edge to close the
length.  Now you will have a cylindrical stem that is 1.5″ long.

6. Sew 3 sections of the pear together starting with the middle piece
and sewing a section on to each side.  Repeat with the remaining 3
pear sections.

7. Sew the stem and leaf to the top (narrow end of one of the pear

8.  With right sides together sew one half of the pear to the other
making sure to close the top.

9.  With right sides together sew the last side together leaving a
small opening at the bottom for turning.

10. Turn the pear right side out and stuff through the bottom opening.
You can use a ‘pusher’ to get the stuffing up to the top of the pear
and to help get consistency and firmness you like.

11. Cut a circle of fabric big enough to cover the bottom opening.
Finger press about 1/8″ of the outside edge towards the center so you
don’t have the raw edge showing.

12. Sew over the opening at the bottom. It will just look like the
flower end of the pear.

Pear 3
Next issue: “Pincushions Tutorial ~ Pt 3: Flower”

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11 Responses to Pincushion Tutorial ~ Pt 2: Pear

  1. GrannyO in San Francisco says:

    Thanks for these directions. I think I can do this. I’m going to give it a shot. My daughter just told me tonight that she is going to get back into sewing. I think I’ll make one of these for her with some straight pins as an extra little gift for her.

  2. I love this site. I have learned a lot from visiting here. Thank you for all your wisdom.

  3. Anna Gleason says:

    I would like for you to do a very large Strawberry Pincushion at least the size of a pear or larger. My friend has one that she has had for years.

  4. Susan Davis says:

    This is so neat first time I found you. I’ma life time member of sick . How do I see all the projects , Like your pin cushion directions etc.. Have a Blessed day Susan

  5. Bree says:

    Thanks that is so clever and cute a pear!!
    I love it, I collect pincushions :))
    I love everyone’s creativity keep it coming.
    What great ideas you have.
    Please if someone could tell me where you can purchase the sand?

  6. norma rosales says:

    I love this project..thanks for these directions …you are amazing…

    Atte. Mrs. Rosales

  7. Shelley Lackey says:

    I writing to say thanks for this wonderful site. It’s so easy to navigate and so very helpful. I love the tips, project tutorials, and the designs. Your generosity with the freebies is very much appreciated too!

    Shelley : )

  8. Judy says:

    Thank you so much. I love making pincushions. These directions are so easy to follow. I enjoy all the articles I’ve read in your newsletter.

  9. shiela says:

    thank you so much for this darling idea ill be making these for the girls i hope soon ty hon from shielabryant

  10. Karen says:

    Wow these are great, just right for the children to do for gran. She loves them to make things. BUT what filling are you useing, as some make the pins go blunt. I know I use a block of oassis from the florist to keep my pins in as they stay sharp that way.

    Keep up the fantastic work


  11. Judith Cooley says:

    I love the pin cushions. Brought to mind the “wing-back” chair pin cushion of my grandmothers. I was so fascinated that you could actually lift the seat cushion and store your spool of thread and thimble…I am a true sewing enthusiasts…Thanks so much for the patterns and the memories…
    God Bless, and Merry Christmas to you all…

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