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    Quick and Easy Dog Coat

    by Julie Mueller

    Even though winter is behind us it’s still a good idea to keep smaller dogs or closely groomed dogs warm and snugly with a little coat. If you have along list of dog friends you’ll want to get started for Christmas early. Here’s a quick and easy project that you can finish in an evening, made from materials you already have around. Why not consider upscaling an old sweater or sweatshirt to make your furry friend a warm coat or use some polar fleece so you don’t have to finish any seams?

    First you have to measure your friend. Fill in the attached chart and measure:

    Use an old paper grocery bag or tape a few sheets of paper together and fill in the measurements as shown in the picture. Now you’re going to see how easy it is to draft your first pattern!

    Mark and cut the pattern on the fold of the fabric. Use a dinner plate or saucer to make the curves at the back and neck. Add an assortment of pockets or clips for waste bags, trim, fringe or ribbons for decoration. I added some holiday holly to Jack’s coat.

    Embroider -don’t worry about stabilizers because dogs don’t care about scratchy or itchy stabilizers the way a baby would. Some suggestions include: flowers on the band and pocket, stars and braid for a military style, or any combination of designs that please you, complement the fabric and appeal to your dog. My dog Jack is not too fussy because he is blind, so I can dress him up frilly or more serious.

    Sew Velcro band at neck and around stomach to keep the coat on snug. Now doesn’t Jack look adorable in his holiday coat?

    Download or Print This Article as a PDF


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    35 Responses to Quick and Easy Dog Coat

    1. Barbara says:

      Darling and I have a 7 lb female named Nellie who is going to have one made soon. Thanks!

    2. Kathy Pakkala says:

      Thank you for the pattern. I have Yorkies and this is the type of clothing they don’t mind wearing. They (and I) don’t care for the ones that have to be pulled over their heads and legs. Love the velcro! This will be easy to add embroidery too, because it lies flat.

    3. Esther says:

      PEW!! Just spent $15 (on sale) for a winter coat that wasn’t near as fashionable as this one, for my poodle.

    4. Margaretha Ljungkrantz Gautam says:

      He is so cute! I had a German Shepard named Decie. In her old days I made a knitted dress for her, the same style as you have done. My ny sheperd Matilda will get a black/goldbrown/beige dress to fit her tuff style. This time I will sew it for her by black leather and brown and beige decoration. Hope she will like it.

    5. Ellen O'Shea says:

      This is a great idea. I have a white rescue dog that looks like Jack. Her name is Sparky and I’m going to make her a new coat using your pattern. Thank yo Julie.

    6. rango says:

      thank you so much = I have been trying to find a decent pattern to make my dogs a coat – I did one out of cordoroy but it was a bit snug – so you have outlined the best way to do it for a proper fit – once again thank you

    7. Leilani says:

      wonderful idea..Angel would like this in the winter…Thanks

    8. Marianne says:

      Thanks Julie M, Jack does look stunning in his new jacket. Pity he can’t see himself in the mirror -good thing he has a loving owner to tell him so 🙂

    9. Paula Maxwell says:

      Love it. Can it be made bigger for a slightly larger pooch?

      [editor’s note: If you use the measurements for your dog, the coat will be custom-fit!

    10. Stella says:

      Thanks for the great pattern,Can’t wait to make a raincoat, and jackets for next winter. I have 2 Jack Russels and a killer chihuahua. I will defintley try this soon.

    11. carol fitzgerald says:

      this a great design and so useful great for craft stalls i should think

    12. jean says:

      Well, I’ll use polar fleece for my 78-lb chocolate lab. Daisy will look great, and up here in northern Vermont, she needs something better than she has now. Thanks.

    13. Katie says:

      Brilliant! These are the best directions I’ve ever seen for a doggy coat. Jack is a precious furbaby.

    14. Sue Van Slyke says:

      The shelter where I got one of my dogs had a costume parade as part of it’s last fundraiser. I couldn’t find a pattern for a coat so they wore t-shirts – one with Luke Skywalker and the other with UMD logo. They were really cute, but now that I have a pattern, I will make them better costumes. Thanks.

    15. Christina Harrison says:

      I have created a few different designs for a service dog jacket and will share them with people who can prove they have a certified service dog. I don’t want just anyone getting them because of the damage untrained dogs can do to the whole reputation of service dogs when presented as trained dogs. It also is not considered a service dog you are with a trained dog and you do not have a disability. Sorry to be so strict on the sharing. You should also know I have them only in VP3 format and you need to find a way to convert them yourself. I’ve made them for the seasons as well as pink for my Missy’s female status.

      I am also able to stitch out the various designs for you for a very small fee and send you instructions on how to complete it yourself for your dog’s size and personalization. Please make sure you are familiar with the change in Service Animals Laws that took effect at the beginning of this month before considering if you want to do this. You will now find them as part of the American’s With Disabilities Act on the internet or under http://www.DeltaSociety.org and you should look at their page if you know anyone who has a service dog and has not been advised of the new rules and recertification requirements.

    16. Christina Harrison says:

      I don’t like more buckles than necessary on my dog so I came up with a simple solution to a cooler cape. I make the top into a square and then use a wide elastic across the bottom and measure it to fit her exactly. The second thing is to take another piece of elastic and run it across her front.. It’s customized for any dog size and with her in a seat belt with buckles the elastic doesn’t create yet another point that jabs or binds her.

    17. Mary Allen says:

      Hi Julie
      I have an Aussie terrier who looks just like Jack and her name is Kira I’m sure she would love one of these coats for this coming winter which in Australia isn’t too far away. Thanks for the pattern.

    18. Kathleen Boyd says:

      This is a wonderful idea. I would like to try to make my dog a thunder shirt. I hope this pattern will help.
      Kathy Boud

    19. Lizette says:

      GREAT! Thanks for sharing. Will have to keep a note of this.

    20. Phyllis says:

      I wishI could make a copy of it on the printer and not have all the other stuff there, uses too much paper, is it available–just the pattern so I could print it. Thanks
      [editor’s note: That is why I put the picture up separate. You can just select the picture – right click it and choose to SAVE it…and then print it out separately. Let me know if you have a problem with that…

    21. aurelie higgins says:

      Jean, You have a 78pound Lab!!! My daughter has one that in 70 pounds that you let go where it wants and lay down where is wants because you can’t move him is he does not want to be moved. He is blind and deaf in one ear but gentle as a lamb. I think I will make he a bright coat…it will be like sewing for the grandchildren…but then I guess he is one too. lee

    22. dorothy bock says:

      I have a black Great Dane almost 10 months old, weighs a little over 102 lbs and is 31 inches at the shoulders. She is a big dog but am going to try to make her a coat and see how it works out. The pattern looks great. thanks———db

    23. sewwhatz says:

      well I am joining this bunch as I also have a yorkie & his name is Bruiizer,but I think that I will try your pattern out in vinyl sew that he can have a raincoat Thanks

    24. ellie says:

      (Very nice, thank you – in doggie language)

    25. Frances says:

      Thank you for the terriffic pattern. And just one piece, wow. I am certainly going to use this for my little dog. Thanks again Frances

    26. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for this wonderful pattern. It will surely help to keep my darling little Toy Pom, that weighs only 1kg, warm this winter.

    27. Marlene Stevens says:

      Thanks for the lovely pattern. I have 4 dachshunds that will look great this winter.

    28. sandkat says:

      Nice & easy pattern to make. My suggestion is to cut out the coat using some old fabric first so any adjustments can be made if needed before cutting into the dog coat fabric.

    29. Mary says:

      What a cute cover-up for puppies ! I’m going to have to make one for my daughter’s doggie.

    30. Tater says:

      I would like to make one of these dog jackets but I’m new at sewing and I hate to appear stupid but on the pattern you have marked different letters from A-D are those for the for the measuring directions that appear in the box.
      But this would be great since I take care of dogs & sometimes the owners don’t bring a sweater or jacket for the little dogs & I just hate to see them shiver. Again I apologize for my for my stupidity. It is just hard for me to learn to do things without step by step. Thank you!

    31. Mindy Lou says:

      Making these for my 2 doxies! My husband ‘donated’ some of his worn out jeans for a country theme. Thank you for a wonderful pattern!!!
      A few suggestions. 🙂
      Add 2 inches to all measurements. This will allow for 1″ edging seams. More active dogs might need larger patches of velcro for extra holding power.

    32. Junk Mama says:

      I have three chubby pugs and have been looking for a pattern that I could adjust for their short little bodies. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to make these!

    33. Sonya Shaw says:

      I make many many many of these as well as adding a skirt for doggie dresses. If you use a cotton fabric like quilting broadcloth or even satin, use two layers (one for the lining) sew them right sides together leaving a 2 inch opening to turn them rightside out. then stitch up the opening add the velcro and you are done
      If embrodered, do the embroidery first on the outside fabric. I have yorkies so I use satin as a lining so it doesn’t mat their coats.

    34. anne brogan says:

      Do you think I could have a dog pattern.please I have a staffie and a bull terrier and would love to make them some coats to keep them worm

    35. Kathy says:

      Thank you for the pattern, I have been trying to make my own without much luck!

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