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    Snug as a Bug Quilt

    by Gina Roberson
    I wanted to share a special project that I have been working on for several months now.  For Christmas this year I wanted to give each of my 3 children a quilt made especially for them by their mama.

    I am not an experienced quilter by any means, I am just learning!  Having an embroidery machine just makes everything so much more fun, especially when you have a lot of designs to select from.  I currently have a membership with Designs by SiCK so I have plenty of designs to select from to make a quilt.

    First I let each one of my kids pick out a design set that they liked.  My twin girls are only 4 1/2 years old and they decided upon the same thing as they usually do.  They just love the little ladybugs named “DD Cute Ladybugs” which is available from Designs by SiCK:


    So first I went to town to find fabric that would coordinate well with the ladybug designs.  As luck would have it, I found some very cute ladybug fabrics and other coordinating fabrics that would go well with the ladybug designs.  I was so excited at the thought of how cute these quilts could turn out to be!

    Then I came home and cut some squares to embroider the little ladybugs onto.  I decided to embroider some cute phrases on some of the blocks as well.  Every time I had a chance I would go into the sewing room and hoop and embroider a new block until I finally had them all completed.  Then I had so much fun just cutting strips and other blocks and arranging them all over the floor in a way that was appealing and cute for my daughters.  I’m not sure if there is a certain way to go about making a quilt or not, but my girls and I had such fun arranging all our blocks!  So we wound up with a really cute quilt for each of them.  The concept is, if I did it, so can you, even if you have no experience.



    I have a lady who is going to actually quilt the tops for me to finish them up for Christmas since I don’t know how to do that yet.  But before I give them to her I have to make one for my 10-year-old son also! So we sat down together and found a design set at Designs by SiCK called “Animals of the World”:


    Then we went out and bought all kinds of safari themed fabrics to mix in with the embroidered blocks.  It’s going to be such fun to make this quilt!  I recently finished cutting out the necessary squares for that quilt and am now ready to embroider those as well.

    If you have a loved one and would like to make them a special gift then a quilt is the perfect idea.  If you don’t know how to finish it once you have your quilt top made there are plenty of places you can pay to actually finish the quilting process for you.

    It’s so much fun to make a quilt top with the help of your imagination.  Trying to find just the right designs and then matching those to some fabrics is my favorite part.  I can’t wait to see my children’s faces when the quilts come back and I give them to my children at Christmas.  I just know that they will be so excited, and when I see them using their new quilts to play with and to cover up with, new memories will be made with those quilts!

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    28 Responses to Snug as a Bug Quilt

    1. Olequiltbat says:

      Gina you’ve done a lovely job on the quilt tops. I’m sure your son will love his as well. Can’t wait for you to show us his when the top is completed And be sure to send photo’s once all the quilting’s done too. You’ve certainly created wonderful memories for all your children.

    2. Debbie Marshall says:

      Very Cute and adorable. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love your color choices.

    3. Alma says:

      So nice to hear of your enjoyment. I felt the excitement with you. You are so right, the embroidery machine makes everything more fun!

    4. Linda says:

      These are wonderful! Congrats to you! I’m sure your children will love their quilts! Good idea for the rest of us, whether for kids or grandkids!

    5. Kay Kirkpatrick says:

      I loved your article, as well as your quilts. Your children are going to be so happy to get those quilts at Christmas. You did a wonderful job and your choice of fabrics were great. Would love to see the Animals of the World quilt for your son. You’re right, Designs by Sick have so many wonderful designs to choose from. I did a throw size quilt for a friend with cancer using a Designs By Sick pattern of elephants and loved it!
      Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

    6. Diana says:

      These quilts are so cute. I am sure your little ones will be warm and happy under them.

    7. Dianne says:

      You did a very nice job on your first quilt keep up the great work

    8. Wardina says:

      Gina, What wonderful gifts for your family. I know they will treasure them for years. I was at my son’s house early one morning and everyone was sitting around wrapped in one of the quilts I had made. I was so pleased–and you will be, too.

    9. Marion says:

      I am attempting the same thing and have not done squares yet and put them together and here is a link that shows you how to piece it together as you go instead of trying to make a top then a bottom. It looks real easy and I am going to try it.


    10. love2ragquilt says:

      What a great idea. I love the lady bugs on the red print. I would have put them on a solid fabric and like the print so much better. Would
      love to see the safari quilt too.

    11. love2ragquilt says:

      What a great idea. I would have never thought to put the lady bugs on a print fabric. I would have use a solid but like the print so much better. Would love to see the safari quilt too.

    12. Joan says:

      Sounded like Fun must try for myself. Thank you
      for the idea.

    13. Donna says:

      That is truly lovely – well done!!

      I have been thinking about making a memory quilt for my little one, but as i am a totall novice to quilting i have delayed it for 2 years. You have now inspired me to get started, and i am choosing a theme as i write – thankyou!!

    14. watermelon says:

      Your quilt looks great. Love the ladybugs and fabrics you and your twins chose. The set for your son is also great. I hope you can share a picture when it’s complete. Your children will treasure the quilts always. Your story about how the quilts evolved is something your girls and son can share with their children one day, and the quilts passed on to them and their children.
      Thanks bunches for sharing your story and quilts.

    15. Nancy B says:

      Love your quilts, and the ladybug designs. You did a great job.
      Nancy B

    16. dd says:

      Very cute, your kids will be tickled!

    17. Judy says:

      Hi Gina,
      Love the quilt top.. Bet your 3 kids will be so excited Christmas morning.And will have these quilts to cherish the rest of their lives. Wonderful idea. Judy

    18. Diane says:

      That is adorable! Your kids will have and cherish those gifts forever!

    19. Kathleen C says:

      That turned out so cute. I know that your daughters will love them, if you like to test your designs, you can save them and make a sampler quilt or a throw for the car or couch. They make great conversation pieces, as well as gifts, with all the differnt designs. I used the rw horses and then put it togahter with red and black western material. Also made a wild life and put togather with paw prints. I don’t think you can do wrong with a quilt. I need to warn you the are like the embroidery patterns, very very habit forming. Good luck with your projects. kc

    20. Fairlee Y says:

      Your article inspired me. I’ve been trying to think of something special to make for a new baby.
      Enjoyed the pictures, too.

    21. Margaret in NM says:

      Brilliant and very thoughtful. Your children will remember every aspect of putting their quilts together because you allowed them to choose their designs. Powerful!

    22. Mrs-C says:

      I love the quilts you made. I will give you a hint on finishing them. I bought my embroidery machine only to finish quilts. I find a pattern I like and hoop the entire quilt sandwich (top,batting and backing) and usually just use an outline to do the actual quilting. Open redwork is nice, and Designs by sick has tons of great quilting files that work wonderful for this.
      When you are ready to tackle that end of the job.

      Great work, I know your kids will really treasure not only the quilt but the time they spent with you making their quilts. It will be a memory for life.


    23. Lynn says:

      Sounds like you definitely have the quilting “bug.” I too love making quilts for children and other members of my family. Once you get the hang of quilting the top to the batting and backing or making the sandwich you will love it too. It is not hard- just start with as I do “stitch in the ditch.” Keep up the good work and your quilt is adorable.

    24. sandra says:

      This quilt will be a heirloom to remeber. You did and your daughters did a beautiful job. Who said”s you are not a quilter.Quilting is sew much fun especially with a embroidery sewing machine.Redwork looks nice and easy to make quickly using children’s themes. I bought a wobderful bookk call the 90 minute quilt book, which features sew many children them. Games and doll quilts. Thanks for sharing!

    25. Diana in PA says:

      I am doing something familiar to this, except that they are going to be lap quilt. I have 12 children combined with Husbands and 13 grandchildren, that will keep me busy and use up my stash quick. Thank you for the information. I am a beginner also.
      Diana in PA

    26. Jodi says:

      Gina- You are doing a great job. Your kids will treasure the quilts forever. I am so poud of you and so taken with your positive attitude. You gave me inspiration to do the same for my own three kids- 10 and under as well 🙂


    27. Alta Swaine says:

      Gina I think you did a wonderful job at making your twins quilt tops as you will your sons. I think making quilts is a wonderful gift to treasure for years to come. I have only been quilting myself for the last 2 1/2 years….and I am loving every minute of it. I do not have small children or grandchildren. But I do have a great grandson and lots of great nieces and great nephews so I have been making plenty of quilts for them. Some of my quilts can be seen on the Sick site at http://www.designsbysick.com/forums/album.php?u=8974


    28. dorla says:

      I make quilts for each of my great-grandchildren, one block having “Made with Love by Great-Granny ___ ” Another block has their name and birthdate. I don’t quilt, so I ‘tie’ mine with heavy crochet thread. Some quilts are ducks, some donkeys, and some Noah’s ark animals. Getting ready to start one with cowboy designs. Such Fun!!!

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