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    Sucker Covers Instructions

    Basic Instructions

    ** The first thread color and the last thread color should always be the same. These will stitch out the decorative frame that outlines the sucker cover. **

    Hoop cut away stabilizer.

    Cut 4-inch piece felt (colored felt looks especially nice) and place on top of stabilizer.

    Be sure to use pins, spray adhesive, or glue stick to hold felt in place.

    • Stitch thread color 1
    • Stitch rest of thread colors, following the color list included.
    • Be sure to trim after each color change.

    When you get to the last thread color – remove hoop from machine and trim any long loose bobbin threads.

    Place felt (colored felt looks especially nice) over back of design and return to hoop to machine.

    Stitch the last thread color. This stitches the sucker pieces together

    Remove the sucker cover from the hoop.

    Trim around sucker cover shape, using pinking shears.

    This will give your sucker cover a nice scalloped look.

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    19 Responses to Sucker Covers Instructions

    1. annie in the Uk says:

      many thanks for the info on the suckers. if the devil finds work for idle hands then he sure is bored sick waiting for me to stop.
      annie in the Uk

    2. brenda says:

      Just finished one for something extra on my daughter in law’s birthday gift gift….really cute….but I suggest you do the last step of stitching two times to be sure it seals off…mine was very loose at thoes points.

    3. Diane says:

      How do you get the sucker in? Does it leave an open slot?

    4. Karen says:

      Yes, that is my question to, at what point do you put the sucker in? before the last stich color? Doesn’t it break the sucker if you do that?

    5. Penny DuBose says:

      I have made a lot of these to put up for Christmas and the bottom isn’t sewn shut when making them so the sucker just slides right in there! The last color to stitch (that joins the front and back pieces together) just goes in like a half circle, leaving the bottom open. Hope there are more projects coming that are as much fun as these to make and turn out so wonderful.

    6. Margaret says:

      I stitched 2 snowman flat sucker covers on white craft felt this afternoon. I used net for the back, as my pinkers do not do well on two layers of felt. The detail on these tiny characters is awesome. I am happy with the designs! I am thinking “Fund Raiser”! Thank you for a great deal on designs.

    7. Peggy says:

      I don’t quite understand putting the piece of felt over the back. Do you turn the stabilizer over or add the felt to the underneath side of the hoop?

    8. Peggy says:

      I don’t quite understand adding the last piece of felt. Do you turn the stabilizer over? How do you get it on the back?

    9. Suzanne says:

      I’m not understanding how to add the back piece of felt either. Are we to use the stick adhesive to attach it to the back of hoop. I don’t believe we would be unhooping.

    10. Jonell says:

      Hello Ladies
      I am the digitizer for this set. I am so happy to see that you enjoy the quality of these sucker covers. I enjoy making sucker covers.
      Now for the answer to putting the backing on. When you remove the hoop from the machine, turn it over. Place your backing, right side up, over the design. Pin in place, placing the pins on the top side of the design. This makes sure you do not stitch over them or have the hoop misaligned. Stitch last thread color and you are done.

    11. elliemay says:

      Rather than using pins to hold the backing in place, I find using painters or masking tape in several places along the edge outside the stitching area much easier. No chance of a pin coming loose or being accidentally hit by the needle.

    12. Christine says:

      I have been making these sucker covers for a craft show. The way I do. Thought it up on my own. I finished all the sewing. Took out of hoop. Cut around edge. Used another machine, to put, the finished design, and back together. Sew where the last color was sewed. This was easier for me. Then cut around it and it is finished Stick your sucker in. And that is it. Hope this will help.

    13. Linda says:

      I love the comments. Putting netting on for the back sounds like a good solution–less bulk. For the taping of the back–use blue painters tape. It sticks really well and is easily removed.

    14. Lynn says:

      The sucker covers sound great, but I would like to know, do you stitch one sucker at a time or are several on the same design so you do not waste too much stabilizer and time? Thanks.

    15. Kristi Jane says:

      When I stitch the sucker covers I copy as many as my hoop will hold and stitch them in one hooping. This saves material & stabilizer.

    16. Bettye Miller says:

      I just completed some of the Valentine Sucker Covers. This is a great project and a special little gift. I am going to be doing more of them.

    17. Nola says:

      I was wondering if it would make sense to slip a couple of layers of plastic (Saran Wrap) inside as well so it could be used to keep a “licked” sucker clean. I don’t have any kiddos, so I’d like other’s opinion.

    18. Lynn says:

      The Saran Wrap inside sounds like a good idea. You would have to put the first one in when sewing the top piece; and then put the second one in when sewing the back piece in. This would keep the opening between the two pieces of Saran. Then you would have to carefully cut the Saran at the opening. (would not do this for infant children because of the danger of little ones getting a piece of the Saran stuck in their throats and choking.)

    19. Judy says:

      When doing multiple designs in one hoop, do you remove the hoop after each one to put the backing on, or how do you do this?

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