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    Thread Wraps

    by Marilyn Hlad

    To keep my thread spools from unraveling, I wrap a small piece of
    Press-n-Seal around my spools of thread.  The Press-n-Seal does not
    leave any kind of residue on the thread.

    Editor’s Note:  Press-n-Seal is a food wrap product that can be found
    near the food storage bags, foil and other plastic wrap products in
    your local grocery store and works VERY well as indicated above.

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    14 Responses to Thread Wraps

    1. Audrey says:

      Super! Thanks a bunch

    2. Vi Andres says:

      To keep my thread in place I get free thread nets from a florist..Cheap Cheap no cost-just ask and they will save. They usually throw them out.

    3. Cindy Stoltz says:

      Thank you for a GREAT tip! My spools unravel on my spool rack and I have to cut them apart all the time. I’m going to get this product ASAP!! I’m new to machine embroidering and this article is extremely helpful!

    4. peg fitzwater says:

      Can you reuse the press & seal for your thread wraps or is it only good for one wrap?

    5. auntbaba says:

      This is a wonderful tip. It works great! Thank-you!

    6. Marilyn Hlad says:

      I am so glad you find my tip helpful, yes you can reuse the press n seal but eventually you will want to replace it. I cut a little piece just big enough to hold the loose end of the thread, no need to cut a piece big enough to wrap around the whole stool.

    7. Esme says:

      My friend visits her son in the USA regularly, and this time she will just have to bring me some Press n Seal as it is unobtainable here in South Africa. It sounds like just the thing we need! Roll on December!

    8. BethelB says:

      WalMart has a vinyl tablecloth material in their cratfs section that is cheap that can be cut into narrow strips and can be reused indefinatly .

    9. Patricia J says:

      Another product is Hugo’s Magic Tape. It sticks only to itself and can be reused forever. If it gets gunked up, you just wash it off and it’s good as new. A little pricey, but works really well.

    10. seanstress_irene says:

      I just joined and WOW! Look at all the interesting tips that are so freely shared. I have sewn all my life, but never thought of my kitchen items to assist me in my sewing.
      Thanks – seamstress_irene

    11. Cherie says:

      I’ve sewn for over 40 years. Last year while walking thru Family Dollar I found pony tail wraps that are knitted and fuzzy (300 for $1) and they make a quick and easy bobbin wrap, tucking in the thread tail. Once they’ve been streched slightly I use them on my embroidery thread spools.

    12. Linda says:

      I have been reading all these wonderful tips & have discovered GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE as many of them have come to our minds here in Terrace BC Canada where we have a group of about 15 members that get together once a month for 4 hours of companionship & sharing of ideas & inspiration.

    13. Lynn says:

      First time to look at the tips, thanks girls what great ideas! I’m going shopping.

    14. Peggy says:

      I just bought a roll of blue painter’s tape, read that you can use it arund your spools of thread so they don’t unwind and it leaves no sticky residue

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