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Rob Newton - Yahoo Groups Moderator, Embroidery Articles Moderator, Front Line Support

Retired home schooling mom of 3 kids - son 26, created first online Internet TV series in HD – strangerthings.tv), daughter 24, works for county government and will receive Bachelor's Degree in that sort of stuff in Dec…at which time she will move to Gulf Shores,.Alabama to begin culinary school, youngest – son, graduated in May 2007 with is high school (home school) diploma and AA degree – now working on Pre-Reqs for his degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

The three children and I sign (American Sign Language) and hubby understands more than he lets on and will sign occasionally. Oldest was an Interpreter for 2 years at the local college. We just all enjoy it.

Married to childhood sweetheart for 27 years. Traveled the world with him. Lived in Egypt for a year, Texas, Louisiana, Bahamas for 7 years (went there with 2 kids, came back 7 years later - with 3!)…lived on 3 different islands and currently live in a big ol' log house in the middle of 20 acres of woods in the FL panhandle which he built for us. Florida panhandle: Aka: Emerald Coast, Redneck Riviera, LA (Lower Alabama.)

Overly involved in community service projects (hubby wants to have a shirt made for me which reads: "Stop me before I volunteer again.") 4H leader for 8 years, elected County Fair Board member for 4 years, and began writing for the local newspaper 2 years ago. Recently had an article published in Pensacola Magazine. I create web pages, too! - again...for free. Community service rears its ugly head once again. Oh, and I love to make custom candy wrappers! Have given them (made into favors) as wedding gifts several times.

I have been sewing since 8th grade Home economics class. While living in the Bahamas made costumes for the kids for play (Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Pirates)- no patterns, no sewing machine. Took classes in Nassau Bahamas and learned to hand smock.

Most cherished possessions are hand-embroidered pillowcases made by my mom each year for Christmas. She has been gone for nearly 19 years and I still use the pillowcases. Fell in love with the idea of machine embroidery. Bought the Brother PE150, went to a seminar and won 48 spools of Madeira Thread as a door prize and have been giving away everything I make since that time. Would love to have the bigger machine, maybe one day.

I love working with this group and the folks who visit the website.. Am tickled when folks think I am a fella.

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