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Another view of this little doll, which I "reborned" from blank vinyl parts.

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January 23rd, 2009
Quilts and Sewing Projects
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  1. rookje
    Do you make thisone? it's looks real this is AWESOME beautyful Great thanks for sharing this.Wow............................
  2. windstar
    I thought it was a real baby til I read under the picture.

  3. quilt-silly
    Thank you! Doll-making is one of my great loves. This little baby is about 8½" long and looks just like my sister when she was a baby. In reborning a doll, you take blank vinyl parts and paint them with many layers of "skin" colors, root individual hairs in the head with felting needles, and create a body with joints to make a doll. It's a fabulous hobby - most of my reborn dolls are life size, but this one is the one that looks most lifelike in photos. The doll kit is by Pat Moulton, a great doll sculptor.
  4. klarina
    It is so cute!!
  5. Sue Foster
    beautiful job on the reborn baby . I also reborn & have some in my album if you'd like to take a look..hugs, Sue
  6. sdevries
    OMG this looks so real! awesome!!!!!!
  7. matistsat
    Sorry, I'm "word short" at first sight I thought this one was sleeping for real !! You're a great Artist QS !!!
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