Trip to Germany

I had a great time visiting my daughter and her family in Germany. Here are a few choice pictures.
  1. Tierpark jimi and milan watching polar bear
  2. Ploen Jimi on p[retty street
  3. Ploen girl with geese statue Jimi and grandma
  4. old botanical garden jimi and olli
  5. New botanical garden, Jimi in alpine section (his favorite section)
  6. I was so glad to see Jimi!
  7. Gottorf castle worship room jimi 8 5 2014
  8. gottorf castle staircase Candi
  9. Gottorf castle Jimi w Hercules fountain pieces
  10. Gottorf castle jimi and candi beautiful room with blue and white ceiling 8 5 2014
  11. Gottorf castle gold and white room from Ploen Jimi 8 5 2014
  12. Gottorf castle deer room close up of the deer with antlers 8 5 2014
  13. Gottorf castle courtyard
  14. Gottorf castle candi and Jimi 2
  15. Gottorf  castle Hercules face close up
  16. Gottor castle blue room jimi and candi 8 5 2014
  17. This was my grandson Jimi's first baseball practice. Baseball is not that common in Germany.
  18. 2014ubuntu654 BEST
  19. 2014ubuntu334
  20. 2014ubuntu023
  21. 2014ubuntu013
  22. The girl in black is my granddaughter. This is her 7th year to perform in the circus.
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