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  1. doggy taking bath
  2. xmas tree Part 1 of tree.
  3. xmas tree 2 - The tree is a felt tree purchased from the dollar store. I just added a little embroidery to brighten it up as a door hanger. Its in 2...
  4. Nurse mug rug - Don't remember where the nurse design is from. Font is from my machine.
  5. x ray guy mug rug  - design from Sewforum. Font from my machine.
  6. Great Pyrenees mug rug - design from Emblibrary
  7. jack o lantern- Pumpkin is bright orange from the Dollar Tree store. Letter is Autumn Alpha from EmbroideryAdvertisers.
  8. FSL Caduceus from Emblibrary as a book mark for my Doctor.
  9. Baby bib with Doodle Tweets design from DBS for my Doctor's baby.
  10. Dove & gray squirrel both from Accidental Embroiderer. I changed the colors on the dove so that it was closer to the color of our mourning doves. I...
  11. Dove as using colors as suggested by Accidental Embroiderer. I put it on a home made tote bag for my groceries.
  12. Sweet Patches design from DBS - put on a t-shirt for my Great Grand Niece.
  13. Back of Frog Pouch
  14. Frog pouch from justsewsandy - I modified it by adding a strap and put a zipper on the back. It has no exposed seams inside.
  15. Elephant from Adorable Applique - put on a t-shirt for my Great Grand Niece.
  16. Stacked Frogs Pouch. The frogs are from Embroidery Libarary.
  17. Animal Face kreativekiwi - Put on a t-shirt for my 3 yr old Great Grand Niece.
  18. decotree - design is from accidentalembroider. It was digitized for one color, but I changed it to varigated green for the leaves and dark brown for...
  19. ZentangleGemini TestStitch
  20. Mermaid121114 Mermaid sitting in applique clam shell
  21. Santa  Picture1125140953 1 from Kreative Kiwi and done in 3 hoopings.
  22. EagleVickie Picture1109141504 1 Surprise gift for a friend who had a bad week.
  23. EagleBill Picture1109141506 1 Birthday present for a friend
  24. x Picture1106140920 1 test stitch out of Eagle from Dollarstitch. Not happy with it at all.
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