France 2010

  1. Another beautiful day on the beach
  2. La Grande-Motte. A city built about 45 years ago on a swamp. They first had to find a way to kill the bugs and they did that in very efficient way....
  3. A castle built in the 11th century on the highest rock in the whole area.
  4. I've never seen something like this before, they don't grow here that big with such flowers!
  5. View from our mobile home.....I seem to have a bad hair day LOL LOL
  6. The only lavender growing near Lunel.
  7. Arles
  8. Arles, a picture of the painting Van Gogh made of the hospice where he had to spend some time while in Arles. The hospice still looks the same as in...
  9. Montpellier
  10. Montpellier
  11. Montpellier, Aquaduct
  12. Montpellier, in front the Cathedral and attached to it a part of the Montpellier University. The whole University is located in ancient buildings.
  13. The beach at La Grande-Motte. Those clouds came and went within minutes LOL
  14. Le Pont du Gard about 3.30 pm
  15. My Sweetheart and me :D
  16. Le Pont du Gard about noon, sunny and hot
  17. Le Pont du Gard, view from the right side next to the bridge
  18. Le Grau du Roi
  19. Le Grau du Roi
  20. First stop in France
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