My Granddaughter Cassidy

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Here she is my newest little granddaughter. She was born 1/18/2011 at 12:38 AM. She weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces. Her height 18 1/2 inches.
  1. Multi Colored Crochet summer Hat
  2. Crochet Bunny Diaper cover
  3. Crochet pom pom Hat
  4. Crochet Bunny Hat
  5. Pig Applique one Piece Romper
  6. Applique Onesie w ribbons
  7. Applique Butterfly Onesie w ribbon
  8. Crochet blue hat 3for Cassidy
  9. Crochet blue hat 2 for Cassidy
  10. Crochet blue hat 1 for Cassidy
  11. Bottle Applique Onesie
  12. Heart Pacifer Onesie20110124Craft004small
  13. 20110124Craft003small
  14. 20110207Craft006small
  15. 20110207Craft005small
  16. Back of Summer Set I amde
  17. Applique Summer Set I made for Granddaughter 
  18. Diaper Cover ellie mae design K102 Front
  19. Diaper Cover ellie mae design K102 back
  20. Patty_L Little Monkey20120708Craft008small
  21. Knitted Baby Sweater This is the second one I made First one for Olivia this one for Cassidy at Son's request
  22. Multi Colored Crocheted Bib W Solid Colored Trim Flowers and Letter C For Cassidy
  23. Light Mink Crocheted Bib W Multi Colored Trim n Flower
  24. White w Multi Colored Trim n Flowers Bib
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