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April 30th, 2010, 03:57 PM
I want to purchase more of backing/topping. It used to be named Romeo. It is heavy film. Do u have it or suggest who has it? I have a roll now that is 30 inches wide and would like that.

April 30th, 2010, 04:38 PM
There is a heavy Film type of water soluble that is like Romeo by the name of Badgemaster.
Many embroiderers use Badgemaster for Free Standing Lace embroidery and cutwork.

You can find Badgemaster at the link below in the Stabilizer Section.

A lot of us have switched over to using the Fibrous type of water soluble for Free Standing Lace and Cutwork embroidery as it does not punch out while embroidering lkie the Film type of water solubles stabilizers and it rinses out much faster in warm water.
Also you do not have to store it in an air tight container like you do with Romeo or Badgemaster.

You can find it on the Designs by Sick Website under the Supplies section for Backings by the name of Fibrous Wash Away.
It is on sale right now for 30 % Off right now.
You just have to put the word TAXES in the coupon box when purchasing it to get the sale price.

Here is the link to the Backings page, click on it and scroll down to the Fibrous Wash Away.

There is a video that you can view on the page too.

You may want to try it and see what you think of it in comparison to Romeo or Badgemaster

Denise in Calgary

April 30th, 2010, 04:52 PM
I have used Vilene and I personally do not like it. Not strong enough. Is this like vilene or stonger?

April 30th, 2010, 05:09 PM
The Badgemaster is like Romeo.
The Fibrous Wash Away is like the Vilene Water Soluble Stabilizer.

Vilene and the Wash Away do not dry out like the film types such as Romeo or Badgemaster.
I consider the Fibrous type such as Vilene or Wash Away stronger because it doesn't punch out while you are embroidering.

I use the Vilene Water soluble stabilizer and find it much better than Badgemaster.
I stitch Free standing Lace designs that have many stitches (over 50,000 stitches) and it will not punch out or rip around the design while I embroider..

I have had Badgemaster rip or punch out when embroidering Free standing lace before I finished embroidery.

I use 2 layers of the Vilene which is the same as the Fibrous Wash Away for designs with over 25,000 stitches. I use 1 layer for designs with less stitches.

The Fibrous Vilene water soluble and the Fibrous Wash Away water soluble rinses out in just a few second when rinsed under a tap.

Why do you think that the Vilene Water soluble is not strong?

Denise in Calgary

April 30th, 2010, 05:11 PM
For a Topping stabilizer you only need a light weight water soluble such as a film solvy.

Desings by Sick has it on sale now too and it is just called or named Water Soluble.
It is light weight film and you can use 1 or 2 layers as a topping on things like towels or fleece.
It is water soluble.

Badgemaster, Romeo or the Fibrous water solubles are too expensive to use as a topper and it would be a waste to use them this way.
They are best as a Backing stabilizer.
I forgot to mention that Fibrous Vilene or Wash Away will not stretch in the hoop and will not stretch in high humidity like the Film type of water solubles do.

Denise in Calgary

April 30th, 2010, 05:38 PM

I know that some of the sewing machine stores use to carry Romeo and Avalon when water soluble stabilizer first came out.

If I remember right the Romeo is lighter weight than Badgemaster.

Now there are several water solubles available in different weights and also in types such as the film type and the Fibrous Type.

I am curious to know why you think the Vilene was not as strong as Romeo.

Denise in Calgary

April 30th, 2010, 07:37 PM
Other day I embroidered the flip flops. Vilene could not handle it. Picture is on Stitch Chat. I used 8x8 hoop and when I was about to embroider second part, Vilene actually fell out of hoop, even tho I had hoop as tight as I could. I then used Romeo and not a problem. I think using foam and heavy stitching was too much for Vilene.

May 1st, 2010, 12:38 PM
I just looked at the FSL that you put on the Flip Flops and I think the problem is that you should use 2 layer or more of the Vilene,

It appears that the design was mostly satin stitching so I would use more than one layer.

Could you tell me how you did the design using the foam?
Did you stitch the FSL design on top of the foam on the Vilene?
Vilene hooped then the foam on top and then stitched the design, is that right?

How many stitches were in the design?
Did the Digitizer say what stabilizer to use and how many layers for the design in the instructions that came with the design?

Denise in Calgary

May 1st, 2010, 12:54 PM
One design has 13,822 stiitches. I embroidered, as directed, onto Vilene and foam. It was just too heavy for one piece. Then I redid on romeo and no problems. Maybe I will purchase from Sick and try it. but I already have Vilene. Is it better than Vilene I bought a few years ago?

May 1st, 2010, 01:48 PM

I agree with you about the foam and stitching being too much for the 1 layer of Vilene.
I did look at the design you did and found it on Threads N Scissors website to see what it looked like. and to understand the project.

I understand you just did the design for the top and added it to Flip flops that you purchased rather than making your own.
That is a great idea and much easier!
Your Flip Fops turned out great.

I think you may have needed 2 or 3 layers of the Vilene if you are not getting the design to stitch out nice.
The design you did is mostly Satin Stitching so 2 layers at least.

Did the design stitch out on the 1 layer of the Vilene okay or did it not look right and crisp?

As far as the Vilene coming out of the hoop here is something you can try.
This will work for embroidering free standing lace too and will work for Vilene, Badgemaster or any light weight stabilizers or fabrics you might stitch on.
If you try this tighten your hoop up good but don't over tighten.

I do know that many are using the hoop clips that come with their larger hoops to help hold the hoop together or some are using the Big clips you can buy at the Office supply stores and clip them onto the edges of the hoop where the excess stabilizer sits to hold every thing tight.

My larger hoops come with clips but I don't use them.
I use the method below.

The tightest points of our hoops are the corners while the sides and top and bottom are less tight.
The bigger the hoop the less tight the sides are because they are longer.

When you stitch a design that is very stitch intensive the needle action on the stabilizer or fabric & stabilizer can cause a pulling or pushing motion on the them and cause it to move or be pulled into the middle of hoop area.
This movement occurs from the top, bottom and the long sides of the hoop.

This is what I use and you may want to try this on your hoops.
To help stop this movement you can add 2 sided, water soluble, Wonder Tape and strips of holey Kitchen Shelf Liner to the bottom of your inner hoop to hold your stabilizer taut and avoid any movement of it while embroidering.
The strips of Shelf Liner come up in between the inner and outer hoops and they hold the stabilizer or stabilizer and fabric taut in the hoop while you embroider.
You will not have any movement of the stabilizers or fabric & stabilizer while you embroider.

This works great for holding the light weight Water soluble stabilizers tight in the hoop for embroidering FS Lace.
It is also great for holding slippery or light weight fabrics in the hoop.

I use this and leave this on all my hoops for all embroidery on any fabrics or stabilizers.

You can change the strips of Shelf Liner and the Wonder Tape when the Shelf Liner looks worn down.
The Shelf Liner is usually found in the kitchen section at stores such as Walmart or the Dollar stores and is usually used to line your kitchen shelves or drawers with.
Wonder Tape can be found in Fabric and Quilt stores or at your Machine Dealers in the Notions section.

The link below show pictures are from the Criswell K-Lace website.
These pictures show how to attach the Wonder Tape and Shelf Liner to the bottom of the inner hoop.
Click on the link and then you can click on each picture to see a close up of each.
Note the Shelf Liner is not put into the corners of the hoop.


All the Water Soluble stabilizers have improved over time.

Perhaps try your Vilene again for a project that calls for it and keep in mind that the more stitches a design has in it you may need to use 2 layers.

You could try the Fibrous Wash Away and see what you think of it.
Or you could try the Badgemaster and see how it compares to your Romeo.

Denise in Calgary

May 1st, 2010, 04:58 PM
Well shucks ladies - you are talking atabilizers. with that tile I thought we'd be discussing some cool new movie or something with loads of sexy good looking men. Alas - I'll read about stabilizers.