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    Thread: how to vote

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      Default how to vote

      How can I( vote for the daily free???

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      Post How to Vote for a design

      Quote Originally Posted by vreneli View Post
      How can I( vote for the daily free???
      Sorry I didn't see your question earlier, vreneli.

      If you're asking how you can cast a vote (you have three each day), here's how:

      To vote for the daily free design –

      1. Go to the Daily Free Design page

      See if there’s anything there for which you’d like to cast one or more of your daily allotment of three votes.
      You can click on See Set to see what the set looks like
      Or you can click on Vote for Design in Set to see the set and if you click on one or more of the design links below the designs you can cast a vote or votes that way.

      2. Choose a design from a set you wish to vote for by going to Search http://www.designsbysick.com/search
      or Design Sets http://www.designsbysick.com/products/page1 (this takes you to the most recent page)
      and finding that design set. Scroll to the bottom of the design set page or go to the side of where the design sets are pictured and click on Vote for a Design. From that, choose the design for which you wish to cast your vote by clicking on the link beneath the design. It works the same way as it does on the voting results page (above)

      3. Go to The Free Daily PES Informal Wishlist in Forums http://www.designsbysick.com/forums/...read.php?t=540 and choose a wish there. Read the wish in the top line, click on the link in the second line, and then find that wish in the set and vote for it. Those of us who vote with that wish list vote the top three designs listed on the list. If one has been voted in but hasn’t been moved to the bottom of the list we just vote for the top three links that work.

      4. Cast your votes using a combination of the top three ways to vote.

      I hope this has answered your question.

      If you want to make a wish, go to the link in #3 (above) and ask for a specific design from a specific set. Instructions are posted in the area on how to make a request. Don't worry if you find it confusing to format it correctly. Just make the request and others will help put it in the correct format and get it on the wishlist for you.

      Good luck and have fun!

      Hugs and Smiles, quiltersblock

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      Arrow Request for removal from wishlist

      Screenbags, I'm sorry to say that Wiske has asked to be removed from the wishlist. Her request, which was posted in another area, is below:

      "Could you please remove me from the Wishlist?
      Hi quiltersblock,

      Could you please remove me from the Wishlist?
      I've decided to stop voting, so it is no more than fair that I am no longer on the list.

      Thank you for the great amount of work you do to keep up this list.
      People like you are one of a kind!


      You'll be missed, Wiske. Thanks for voting with us for so long.
      Hugs and Smiles, quiltersblock
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