I heard through the grape vine that people are reluctant to post links to other sites. I say it's okay, BUT, I don't want to hear about people doing self promotion without contacting me first. It just leads to spam.

If someone is In Search Of (ISO) or posts to freebees ok!

Not sure what happened or who said it was bad? I encourage it, I get links back from cute embroidery that would have cost me a fortune to pay for! I can pay back.

Ah man, I need another beer. Cheers.

Oh, I moved the forum ""Embroidery Design Freebie Links"to the top of "Chit Chat" to encourage more interest.

Once again, no self promotions please. Links to your own freebees .. sure go for it!

Points for posts? I'm thinking we need to get the forums rocking again. How about a point for every 5 posts in the forums for 1 point, rewarded on a 24 hour cycle midnight EST?