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    Thread: Kittens in Teacups

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      Default Kittens in Teacups

      I bought the Desigf: Kittens in Teacup last November. Unfortunately, I must realize that a cat was not embroidered completely, that is the number 8. I had written at the time here on the forum, also get response and am then but by my own illness from it. Today I was reminded.
      I've seen the error has been fixed and I've looked at my purchases. Since the file is unfortunately still with error in it. Can I please have the corrected form?
      Love greetings Anke

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      Sorry you wasted your money on this set...it is a disaster! This digitizer auto-digitized her sets. I would suggest that you not waste your money on any other designs done by this digitizer! All that I have seen are extremely poorly digitized and should not, in my opinion, even still be up for sale on this site. If you have any other sets by this digitizer, I would not stitch them without carefully checking them in digitizing software first.

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      THANK YOU for your honesty and for the warning regarding these sets. It is GOOD to finally see this in the comments.

      Often I see comments by people with no response. But here you not only responded, but were very honest in a dignified manner. It is the only way we can keep customers and get / build / keep the integrity of this website.

      I see designs posted for voting that are presented so poorly, that I wonder how they must be digitized. Yet we cannot see the digitizing until after they are voted on.

      Thankfully my comment about a recent set was READ and HEARD, and a set was pulled for poor digitizing (no underlay). it was SO wonderful so see action taken, and to have the notification given to our members. Communication has improved in a number of ways.

      I see other areas for improvement, have suggestions, but don't really know where to direct them. And I also see areas where categorization could be improved but don't know who to contact for that. So I wait patiently, and pray for DBS to GROW - not just size or activity, but QUALITY. Improvement in quality will bring great growth!

      To those of you who work behind the scenes doing things the rest of us don't see, to Shawn & Linda, to Rob, to the good digitizers, and especially to those who do SO MUCH in the FORUM and other areas, I say a hearty "THANK YOU!" from the bottom of my heart. And I am sure that I speak for many. Your work IS noticed and appreciated, even when we don't speak up.


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