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I'm having a hard time getting used to the new look/character of the site. No more thumbnails of the other designs in a set is sad. Have to click on "see more" to be able to see the set. Search options menu.... These are things I will adjust to, someday.

But my big headache at the moment is page scrolling. On the desktop computer no problem, but on the touch screen tablet computer the pages resist being moved. Scrolling is worse than molassas in January, only move two or three rows at a time. And the feature that I thought was part of my device, touch the top of the screen to instantly scroll to the top of the page, that is no longer working in the DBS pages. Scrolling and touching the top of the screen work on other sites, but not at DBS. (Chat on the other hand is fabulous. Love that I can finally scroll the Chat room.)
I noticed the scrolling on my iphone is resistant as well. I'll do some research. I believe the return to TOP button had a lot to do with scrolling problems.