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Thread: Brother XV8550D. Anyone have one?

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    Smile Brother XV8550D. Anyone have one?

    I知 considering buying a Brother XV8550D, does anyone have one that can give me any information about it? Ease of use, embroidery and sewing. I知 a quilter and am new to embroidery. Thanks

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    Tanyanne, I don't have this machine, but every Brother machine I have looked at are all very easy to use. I googled it and found this and it may answer some of your questions.

    I found this also and they are talking a lot about the price, but there was one post that they talked about a table that goes with it that turns it into a long arm quilter. Something to think about since you are a quilter.

    I'm sure that there is other information on the web, just google the machine. Let us know if you get it and what you think of it after you have used it.

    Also make sure that you get it from a dealer that you can work with and is willing to provide you with lessons.
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