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    Thread: Line art designs - I need your help please - RW stitch vs Running stitches

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      Default Line art designs - I need your help please - RW stitch vs Running stitches

      Good Morning All

      I have a problem at the moment. My machine broke, and it can no longer stitch a design in running stitch where you have to stitch back over the previous lines. It will show a double line in places instead of a single line. So I am dependent on other people to stitch my running stitch designs for me. Which is a problem - their quality is not always acceptable, they do not always have time, etc.

      My machine stitch fine if it does not have to go back exactly over the previous lines. Would it be acceptable if I make the continuous line designs in Embird's RW stitch? Each stitch goes forward, then backward, then forward again. The designs still look nice, but they are not as dainty as the pure running stitch designs.

      I would hate it to make designs that will not sell because the stitch type is hard to stitch, or you guys and girls do not like the stitch type.

      Please advise me very urgently - I have a lot of very nice continuous line designs that I want to digitize Wednesday and this coming weekend. If you haven't noticed yet, I love line art designs...

      Have a lovely week! I will, I can finally get my machine back after they have been trying for more than a month to fix it.

      For you other digitizers: PLEASE never use the wrong frame. My machine stitched line art perfectly, until I used the wrong frame. The machine chewed the frame, broke the needle, and continued stitching. With disastrous results. It can no longer stitch line art! And it took them ages to fix it so it can actually stitch filled designs again.

      Best Regards

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      Good morning, Anneliese.

      The stitch you describe is called triple run and personally, I like it. Go ahead and digitize the designs in both running and triple stitch. When you test it with the triple run stitch and it stitches out fine, you know it will do the same with the single run. You can always test the single run out at a later time.

      Let us know what you decide.

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      Sorry to hear about your machine problems...I hope they can be resolved...I agree with Sonia...do them in both the run stitch and the triple run stitch...test with the triple run stitch for your submission photos...offer both in your design download then people can choose their preference.

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