Hi All, I am still doing market research as to which embroidery machine I want to buy. I have a Ricoma dealership close to me. Does any of you use a Ricoma EMB 15 needle embroidery machine? Would you recommend buying it? This machine is once again much cheaper than the Melco machines. And the dealership is close by, where the Melco dealership is quite far from me. I would really like to have recommendations of people using the machine, not people selling the machine. Until I have a multi needle machine, I am doing very plain filled designs (if at all) because it is a huge pain to switch thread every time a colour changes. I do not have the patience for that. So I am really looking forward to get my multi needle machine. And with my broken machine I am totally depended on other people doing my stitch outs for me. The EMB once again basically cost what it will cost me to replace my current machine with a similar newer machine. Is it safe to buy a demo machine from a dealer? I am going to buy from a dealer to ensure I get the support I needed. Hope to hear from you soon. Rsgards. Anneliese.