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    Thread: POLL for request on Cute Embroidery, Cute Alphabets and Amazing Embroidery Designs

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      Default POLL for request on Cute Embroidery, Cute Alphabets and Amazing Embroidery Designs

      If a person requests a missed letter or letters, then finds them a few days later and request that they be removed, should they be removed or stay in case someone else also missed the same letter(s) and didn't request it because they saw it on the list. Please vote either yes or no.
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      I think the letters should be removed and then if someone else decides they want those letters they can add them to the wishlist themselves. The list can get long enough anyway and it never fails when we start to vote in an alpha there are tons of requests for missed letters and before you know it we have voted it in twice and since the bird font was already voted in this past july, there may not be anyone that needs those letters except a few new ppl that have joined us since then. I also think this poll was unnecessary, if someone asks for a design and then changes their mind, there should be no problem removing it from the list without causing a big debate

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      Shastasmom, I agree with Catlynn. I thought I was clicking the Thanks and Likes on her remarks.

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      I too, think if the person requesting the letter changes their mind and requests that the letter be removed, that it should be removed. If someone else also wanted it, and they are checking the list regularly as they should, then they can request that it be added again. It should be re-added in the same spot it was in before, and not moved to the bottom, but I think that is how it would have been done anyway. I don't see that this should be a big controversy, but I do like the idea of a poll before changing the way we do things.

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