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    Thread: from the land down under

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      Cool from the land down under

      hi i am from sydney australia to day it is 37 deg and we are still in spring! i am dreading summer this year. our winter was pretty cold and windy which was a pain! as it dries out my plants.
      i love machine embroidery i have a brother 1500d also a 2100 which has gone to the dogs (just died) the elctronic screen has stopped working and we cant get a new one here in australia! maybe i might get a juki sewing machine as i like a good strong motor we will have to see. i use my 1500d just for embroidery. i love looking at the usa sites they are very innovative.

      my husband loves restoring model a fords but at the moment he is doing up a 1934 ford . i have an industrial sewing machine so i do the seats and hood (if i have to) we believe in doing every thing ourselves where we can. we have 1 daughter and 3 sons 2 grandaughters aged 4 and 9 and the oldest knows how to sew simple things! we also have 4 grandsons.one of my sons is restoring a 1928 leather back keeps him busy when he is at home.
      well thats it for now i hope i am not boring you .carol fiitz

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      Never bored hearing all about our new members, Carol. Welcome to SiCK from most of the way around the world--I'm from north Idaho, USA.
      Never give up, never surrender.

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      Carol, no you are not boring. Love to hear about other SiCK members. I am so glad that you decided to post here. I'm just outside of Reno, NV. On the map, La_cole is north of me. That's great that your oldest granddaughter knows how to sew. It is so nice to see the skills pasted from one generation to the next.
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