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    Thread: STILL CURRENT: Informal Wishlist - Vote for the Top Three Entries!

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      Thumbs up STILL CURRENT: Informal Wishlist - Vote for the Top Three Entries!

      Please read ALL of the following:

      Vote for the top 3 wishes on this list. If one of these wishes is on ‘voting hold’, then please vote for the next wish in the queue instead. Thanks, and remember, this is an unofficial & totally voluntary wish list. If you would like to request or change a wish, please use the following post: Make-ALL-Wishlist-Requests-HERE! You are free to change your wish as much as you would like, however, wishes that are in voting position (the top 3 "eligible" spaces plus any voting holds within that span) can NOT be changed without forfeiting your place and being sent to the bottom of the list. Please fill your placeholder ASAP. SERIOUSLY! Placeholders dated from August will have until the end of November to be replaced with wishes or be deleted. All wishes dated earlier than that are already gone. (If your spot has disappeared, that may be why!) Remember, it is better to have made a wish and change it later than to keep it as a "placeholder". Any placeholders that reach voting position will be automatically moved to the bottom of the list (without being filled) as soon as I update the list.
      I WILL NOT RETURN THEM TO THE TOP IF YOU FAIL TO FILL THE PLACEHOLDER!! If your wish is not complete (specific design identified, not just the set name), your wish will NEVER be placed in voting position but will be treated as an unfilled placeholder, and will be removed completely if it cycles through the entire list. If you don't use Facebook, you will need to utilize one of the other options to ensure that you don't miss out on the designs given away there. Those options are to use the "loophole" (as described on Make-ALL-Wishlist-Requests-HERE!, post #4) to download the designs or to contact Cutiepie (forum moderator) to get on the email list. EVERYONE CAN GET THE DESIGNS, if they make an effort.
      Thanks, and love to all!
      __________________________________________________ _________________________________

      Please go to the following link to place a wish and vote as this one is not currently able to be kept up -

      Req'ed by Mor

      wineglassmarker_009 (turkey)
      Req'd by Ni Ni

      Req'd by Bonniegrace

      Rec'd by L4rry

      mysafari_002 (hippo)

      Req'd by Mamataigha

      Rec'q by Kuddlyk54

      Req'd by Catlynn

      Req'd by GMA53010

      Placeholder as of November 18
      Req'd by sewfun74

      Req'd by Celticpanda

      Req'd by Nancy15

      Placeholder as of November 20
      Req'd by Mtn-hi

      Placeholder as of September 2
      Req'd by Abbey35215

      Placeholder as of October 3
      Req'd by Granny Elen

      Placeholder as of November 4

      Req'd by brendaacworth

      wedding_010 (Best Man)
      Req'd by Daffodil Daisy

      Placeholder as of September 20
      Req'd by Ele

      Placeholder as of November 5
      Req'd by SusieQ

      Rec'q by Revhousehold1991

      Placeholder as of November 22
      Req'd by Sewtired

      Placeholder as of November 22
      Req'd by Jen159

      Placeholder as of November 24
      Req'd by Ess

      Placeholder as of November 27

      Req'd by Pookah

      Req'd by beeboomer

      Placeholder as of October 10
      Req'd by Bounty

      Placeholder as of October 11
      Req'd by sewtastic1

      Placeholder as of November 9
      Req'd by Daisymousse

      Placeholder as of November 9
      Req'd by nansowl


      Req'd by lenka

      Placeholder as of September 8
      Rec'd by PamelaH

      Placeholder as of September 25
      Req'd by PamHess

      Placeholder as of October 13
      Req'd by serendipity79

      Placeholder as of November 30
      Req'd by Cujujo/ Connie in Ohio

      Placeholder as of November 30
      Req'd by Cheryla

      Placeholder as of December 1
      Req'd by Navigator11143

      Placeholder as of December 3
      Req'd by juliebingham

      Placeholder as of December 3
      Req'd by sewgranny45

      Last edited by granny elen; November 12th, 2018 at 12:32 AM.

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