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Special thank you to our last customers!

Virginia H from US on 2020-07-07 20:11:25 who bought Jacobean Tote Bag

Eleanor M from CA on 2020-07-07 19:24:15 who bought Applique Halloween Bags

Sm E from ZA on 2020-07-07 18:11:57 who bought Linens 3 and Linens 2 and Butterfly Threads

Mary Jo R from US on 2020-07-07 15:21:11 who bought ITH Christmas Bookmarks and Gift Card Holders

Connie O from US on 2020-07-07 09:00:40 who bought Applique Birds and Colorful Applique Butterflies and Patchy Cowboys and Horses and Applique Funny Kitties

Lynnette S from ZA on 2020-07-07 03:25:02 who bought Linens 3 and Linens 2 and 5x7 Floral Endless Borders

Mary C from US on 2020-07-06 12:13:00 who bought Tractors

Elise A from US on 2020-07-04 19:21:08 who bought Celtic Horses

Helane B from US on 2020-07-04 13:51:14 who bought Tropical Fish

Jenny M from US on 2020-07-04 00:47:03 who bought In The Hoop Candy Cane Ornaments

Connie O from US on 2020-07-04 00:40:05 who bought Frog Welcome Banner and Colorline Hearts and Colorful Circles and Autumn Birds and Leaves and Color Line Flower Borders and Colorline Owls

Marcia K from US on 2020-07-03 16:46:27 who bought Fluttery Butterflies 2 and Fluttery Butterflies 2

Julie A from GB on 2020-07-03 15:23:27 who bought Christmas Fun

Glorie S from US on 2020-07-03 13:00:51 who bought Baby Mini Designs 1

Deborah Z from AU on 2020-07-02 00:33:12 who bought Bike Week 2007

Jan G from AU on 2020-07-01 03:09:12 who bought Quilt Labels

Karen E from US on 2020-06-30 12:31:04 who bought Flower Sketch Vases

Jeannette L from CA on 2020-06-30 10:24:53 who bought Art Deco Birds and Autumn Birds and Leaves

Nancy B from US on 2020-06-30 09:53:49 who bought Panhandler Extras

Sally A C from US on 2020-06-30 09:05:18 who bought Jacobean Flowers

Laura W from US on 2020-06-30 00:46:35 who bought Applique Patchwork Quilt Blocks and In The Hoop Quilt Block Piecing 2

Susan M M from US on 2020-06-29 14:01:06 who bought Animal Bikers 2

Nelly H from FR on 2020-06-29 01:40:37 who bought Spring Stick Applique Bonnets

Jay R from US on 2020-06-28 16:46:29 who bought Free Motion Kitchen 2 Small

Gerda B from ZA on 2020-06-28 09:24:14 who bought Colorwork Cars

Laurel M from AU on 2020-06-27 23:34:59 who bought FSL Bouquet

Elizabeth H from US on 2020-06-27 23:19:23 who bought Rooster Top Towel Holders and Designs

Linda B from US on 2020-06-27 20:58:35 who bought FSL Bouquet

Deborah Anne A from US on 2020-06-27 11:56:30 who bought Cute Cows and Bulls and Cute Cows and Bulls

Janis B from US on 2020-06-27 09:28:50 who bought Free Motion Kitchen 2 Small

Galen S from US on 2020-06-26 23:02:01 who bought Free Motion Kitchen 2 Small

Dorothy T from US on 2020-06-26 19:15:58 who bought Free Motion Kitchen 2 Small

Susan B from GB on 2020-06-26 11:53:30 who bought Fisherman Silhouettes

Gwenda S from AU on 2020-06-26 08:17:07 who bought Linens 2

Blanka K from CZ on 2020-06-25 10:18:59 who bought Colorful Flowers and Jacobean Borders

Anne H from US on 2020-06-24 20:05:28 who bought Spring Easter Borders

Danielle B from US on 2020-06-24 17:18:36 who bought Update CD

Tanya J from US on 2020-06-24 14:19:23 who bought Fisherman Towels

Paula D from AU on 2020-06-24 01:55:00 who bought Linens 4x4

Sonia Aparecida Godoy B from BR on 2020-06-23 18:23:50 who bought Jacobean Tote Bag and Applique Birds and Flowers

Sissi G from SE on 2020-06-23 12:02:39 who bought Movie Night

Patrice J from US on 2020-06-23 07:44:51 who bought Update CD

Carol J from GB on 2020-06-23 07:36:20 who bought Birds and Flowers 4x4

Sally A C from US on 2020-06-23 07:08:32 who bought Jacobean Fantasy Birds and Jacobean Lace Flowers

Lin W from GB on 2020-06-23 03:36:37 who bought Christmas Baby Snowman Applique and JN Rabbits and Cute Animals in Winter and Animal Bikers 2 and 12 Days of Christmas Charms and Festive Christmas Trees and Applique Dinosaurs

Blanka K from CZ on 2020-06-22 10:28:28 who bought Linens 2

Sally C from US on 2020-06-21 16:32:28 who bought Jacobean Lace Flowers and Jacobean Fantasy Birds

Kelley G from US on 2020-06-21 11:51:21 who bought Sticky Little Kids

Sarah O from US on 2020-06-21 10:51:19 who bought Jeeps

Karie D from US on 2020-06-21 07:36:34 who bought Cute Swirly Horses

Charlene H from US on 2020-06-20 11:24:44 who bought Easter Cross Stitch Borders and Corners

Carol M from NZ on 2020-06-20 01:43:22 who bought Ribbon Sewing Labels

Vince M from US on 2020-06-19 17:36:23 who bought Colorline Lavender 2 and Update CD and coffeetime

Rossana A from CR on 2020-06-19 17:23:25 who bought Elegant Linen Swirls and Linen Bleu 1

Sally Ann C from US on 2020-06-17 11:37:08 who bought Dragonfly Outlines and Curly Kitten Line Art and Butterfly and Color Line Flower Borders and Birds and Flowers and Jacobean Tropical Birds 2

Paula D from AU on 2020-06-17 01:32:35 who bought Lacy Quilt Blocks 2

Sissi G from SE on 2020-06-16 23:30:19 who bought Eye Balls ITH

Carolyn B from US on 2020-06-16 13:32:18 who bought Butterfly Threads

Linda D from US on 2020-06-16 10:37:09 who bought Update CD

Joseph S from US on 2020-06-16 09:43:53 who bought Update CD

Hester V from ZA on 2020-06-16 05:11:06 who bought Update CD

Beverly M from US on 2020-06-15 13:04:43 who bought Linens 1 and Peacocks

Renee I from US on 2020-06-15 01:11:10 who bought Malamutes and Huskies

Karen G from US on 2020-06-15 00:46:38 who bought FSL Butterflies and Lacy Butterflies at 2020-06-15 00:46:38

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