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Paying $75 per accepted and voted design set

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rob by email

How it works: Introduction

You submit your designs (in PES, JEF, HUS or VP3) and pictures of the stitched out designs.
We approve or deny the set. Denial would be the result of blurry images or to much white space on graphics and such.
Once approved we move it the voting system
Do not worry much about this voting step. Any quality design set will win in a day or 2.
Vistors vote on what design set they would like to see next on the site.
When you win the election, we move the set to production, converting to all formats and making stitch charts.
We send you money via paypal after 7 days, without complaint from buyers, at the buying price stated when you submitted the set.

How it works: Send in your stuff

To make it easier for some, you can send us scans/pictures of your digitized designs to us for resizing and approval. We need the embroidery files and the stitched out graphic files. Send them to (new email!) us by email. We will review and discuss if changes are needed.

Do it your self

This is the quickest way to get something into the voting system.
Digitize your designs in one format only: PES, JEF, HUS or VP3
If you are supplying a project type you only need to take a picture of the final product and name it title.jpg at 400x300 pixels, the digitized part pictures can be software generated.
Otherwise, stitch out and scan or take picture of each of your designs.
Make a 400x300 jpg of one of the designs best representing the set, you can add text to this too. This will be seen on the main pages.
You make a readme.pdf file if you need to include instructions with set
You go to the submission page, and create a submission
You upload your digitized designs and pictures.
More instructions are available on the Create a new submission page below.


Any design and graphics you upload will remain your intellectual property until it wins an election.
You can remove or edit the submission or at any time until it wins an election.
When your design set wins an election all intellectual property will transfer to Shawn Knight Systems Inc.
When your design set wins an election you must remove the design set from any media and/or website.
You must fix any problems with the designs once in production if there are any errors or complaints.
You will agree to these terms each time you submit a set.

Existing sets for sale on your sites

You can submit any set and continue to sell it, or start selling it, until it wins an election. After that it will belong to Shawn Knight Systems Inc.

Clipart Terms

One should check the license agreement at the time of purchase of source clipart if used to create designs. We are not asking for clipart. Submissions are just selling us the designs with the promise the seller (you) does not sell these designs else where.

You must create a chat username and be logged into it to submit a set