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Eyeglass Cases Embroidery Machine Designs

Eyeglass Cases Machine Embroidery Designs
10 Designs
5 Front Designs
5 Back Designs
All Fit 5x7 Hoops

Digitized by Bonnie
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Comments about this set from the forums (updated every half hour on the half hour):


These look nice, I have been all over searching for directions -a how to make them-pdf. Searching articles only got me to someone's project using potholders. I found stitch charts. Why not make it easier for me to decide if I want the whole set by making directions easily available? I have also found them for other projects, but the pdf files were corrupt. This is something for the new year, if you want purchasers. Thank you, Jo
jofrog, here are the instructions I found by going to: Articles, Set Instructions, cursoring down until I found August 2010, then cursoring down until I saw them. Click on the name & instructions were there.
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Design Set Categories: Project, Other, Flowers and Plants, Objects & Things, Sewing

Detailed Stitch Charts

Eyeglass Cases Embroidery Machine Design Details

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