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Lighthouses Embroidery Machine Designs

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Lighthouses Machine Embroidery Designs

20 Designs
10 Filled and
10 One Color
All Fit the 4x4 Hoop

Digitized by Corky
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Comments about this set from the forums (updated every half hour on the half hour):


and again it came in the middle of the night.
Thanks for the nice set of lighthouses. Are they real or fantasy sites? If they are real would you be able to give us the locations, please?
I guess it depends on what side of the earth we reside. These came in the middle of the night for me, but perhaps in Australia, it was in the middle fo the day. I just wish I had a clue when they would come because I have stayed up late to see what would be coming up as new, but then fell asleep while waiting. They seem to show up anywhere between 5:30 to Midnight EST. from what I can determine.
I think these are very sweet. I cant wait to use them. Kudos to the designer. Chris
Krásná sada majáků!:)
These are great. As usual, I'm not completely sure what I will do with them, but I will think of something! :D
Nice! Came in time for my new project.....thanks!
Lovely set of lighthouses. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I really like nautical designs ...want to do a mariners compass QBs and lighthouses you think there might be a mariners compass in the works in near future....Thanks rycalkat
granny elen:
I love these! I cannot wait to use them to decorate my new lake home when the reno is done. Thank you so much!
My mom likes lighthouses, I will have to figure out what to put them on for her.
They look great! The 4th one down made me think of Rapunzel's tower =)
Our neighbor goes to the beach every year for several months at a time. I put one of the designs on a coaster for his coffee in the morning. He loved it.
I really like the light houses! I've been trying some bookmarks and think these will look great on them.
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Design Set Categories: Filled Design, Red Work, Lighthouses

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Lighthouses Embroidery Machine Design Details

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