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Little Boy Blue Embroidery Machine Designs

Little Boy Blue Machine Embroidery Designs
14 Designs
40th in the Quilt in a Set Series
5 Each for the 4x4 and 5x7 Hoop and 4 Crazy Quilt Designs for the 5x5 Hoop

Digitized by Heidi
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Comments about this set from the forums (updated every half hour on the half hour):


Thanks for another nursery rhyme. I looked up the verse and Wikipedia says that the last 2 lines are sometimes omitted.
Thank you for another nursery rhyme. I have used several of them. Glad to see the new ones. I do miss the words on the 4X4 blocks though. Keep up with them. Joyce
I love these old nursery rhymes and am excited to see another one done in embroidery. Thanks, SICK!
Very cute Crazy Quilt blocks they go great with the other nursery rhymes!!! TY
Part of the verse is missing. Disappointed.
missing- "Where's the little boy who tend to the sheep".
Just toooo cute!! Thank you sew much!!
I think the missing line actually says "Where is the boy who looks after the sheep". A shame that the nursery rhyme is incomplete.
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Design Set Categories: Filled Design, Quilt, Sheep, Cow, Boys, Farm, Flowers and Plants, Objects & Things, Music, Animal, Sayings

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Little Boy Blue Embroidery Machine Design Details

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